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Stop Muscle Loss from Arm Breaks & Arm Fractures

Muscle loss or wastage is a serious side effect and problem in rehabilitation from arm breaks and fractures. The medical term for muscle loss is muscle atrophy and can leave you with substantially reduced muscle mass after you recover from an arm break. The longer you are in a cast and not using your arm the more muscle you will lose from non-use. The amount of muscle you can lose from a broken arm can be clearly visible to the naked eye after you remove the cast. Following a physio designed rehabilitation programme will make a marked difference to;

  • The condition your arm will be after you recover.
  • The muscle mass you will retain while in rehabilitation.
  • The speed at which you will fully recover.

The more work you put in during your rehabilitation period the better place you will be in when you recover.

What can you do about preventing muscle wastage for arm breaks and arm fractures?

1) Doing nothing is always an option, but don’t blame us if you end up looking like this guy once the cast is off!!
2) Consulting with a physio or doctor is always a good thing. Physios will put together a strengthening programme that will help reduce muscle wastage and allow you to recover.

3) Use a Powerball, easy and engaging to use, remove the monotony from rehab while allowing you to maintain muscle mass and to track your progress as you go.

Why is a Powerball recommended by so many physicians for rehabilitation for arm breaks and fractures?

Exercise with Powerball is 100% non-impact isometric exercise. Isometric exercise is ideal for rehabilitation especially when bones and muscles are very weak. Traditional exercise is typically either concentric (shortening the muscle) or eccentric (lengthening the muscle)  i.e bicep curls. With Isometric exercise, joint angle and muscle length do not change while you are exercising. This allows you to exercise without putting a strain on mending bones or damaged muscles.

If you are still wondering what the hell is a Powerball or why are you telling me to win the lottery to speed up my recovery bear with us!

A Powerball is a gyroscopic handheld exerciser. Gyroscopes are used in aeroplanes and spacecraft’s as navigational tools, however, they are also used for strength building and rehabilitation. A Powerball has a rotor (green wheel below) that acts as the gyroscope which spins freely inside the Powerball.

This rotor creates resistance/torque against the user. The speed that the rotor spins at is determined by the user. It’s all in the wrists! The faster you turn your wrists, the faster the rotor spins, the more resistance there will be. At low spin speeds Powerball is perfect for rehabilitation. As you recover and get stronger you can increase the speed of the rotor to create more resistance and build more strength. Powerballs are soothing and gentle at low spin speeds but can create upwards of 60+ pounds of force/torque which can be used to build massive strength and endurance.

How early can you start your arm rehabilitation?

Consulting with a physio or doctor is always advisable and they will give you a time frame of when it is safe to start your rehabilitation & strengthening. There should never really be any actual pain when you are using a Powerball as the exercise is isometric and non-impact. If you feel any pain you need to leave yourself heal a little longer. If you can turn your wrists without pain then you are good to go. Starting with lower rotor RPMs (spin speeds). Powerball can reach over 21,000rpms, however, a gentle 3,000 to 4,000rpms starting off is more than sufficient. You can increase the spin speeds as you get stronger.

Broken arm rehabilitation Video and Programme

Arm Rehabilitation Programme



I was playing baseball for my college team in Jersey when my arm was literally broken in half. I was escorted to the hospital and doctors patched me up, advising I would have to undergo therapy. In therapy there were the usual massages and exercises, but there was also one psychical therapist who had a slightly different approach. She handed me a green Powerball® and instructed on how to use it.

There were 3 other patients in therapy with similar injuries to mine that day and I’d say I probably healed 50% quicker. That green Powerball® literally gave me my arm back, one of the greatest inventions I’ve ever invested in. Thank you.

Jay Kshatriya, New Jersey, USA

Jay with Powerball gyroscope and baseball bat, broken arm recovery