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PowerspinUpper Arm & Shoulder exercise & rehabilitation (New darkened tube) 

Powerful, efficient upper body & arm exerciser which rapidly tones or builds muscle depending on the spin speed of the internal steel ball

Utilises isometric resistance to quickly engage a higher percentage of muscle fiber compared to regular isotonic free weight training

Small, light and portable fitness product can be used as a home exerciser, in the office or as an efficient pre-sports warm up accessory

Produces visible, measurable results within a 30-day time frame for both male and female users, regardless of current fitness levels

Develops 100% non-impact resistance which may be used to rehabilitate elbow RSI, upper arm and shoulder impingement injuries through enhanced blood flow and tendon strengthening

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Light Weight

At just 860g and a diameter of 27.5cm, Powerspin® is lightweight and compact enough to slip into your backpack or gym bag.

Rubber Coated

The precisely machined steel ball is covered with a smooth rubber coated layer to ensure smooth spins.

Infinity Tube

Lightweight, robust, injection moulded plastic.

Weighted Steel Ball

It is the weighted steel ball inside Powerspin that creates the isometric resistance. The faster it spins the heavier it gets.

Targeted Exercises

Powerspin is uniquely adept at targeting specific muscles in your upper body.

Build Quality

Manufactured in the UK with the highest quality materials & manufacturing standards.

Centrifugal Forces

Can spin at over 10 rotations a second depending on your fitness levels. The faster you spin the more powerful the centrifugal forces.

Powerspin Exercise Videos

We have a selection of exercise videos that can be used for toning, strengthening & rehabilitation.

Rehab Friendly

Powerspin is powerful when used for toning or strength building, however, it is 100% non-impact which is perfect for rehabilitation.

Warm Up

Whether you are struggling with injuries or trying to prevent them, using Powerspin is the ideal way to warm up your arms, shoulders and upper back.

Tone & Shape

Powerspin will tone and shape your arms and upper body like no other exercise device on the market today with 100% non-impact isometric exercise.

Shoulder Pain

Using Powerspin increases blood flow into the shoulder allowing you to heal faster. 100% non-impact Powerspin allows you to build strength even when you are injured.


Using Powerspin will complement any sportspersons training. Improve muscle endurance with isometric training. Powerspin is massively versatile as it not only is good for strength building but also for prehab & rehab.

Wrist & Arms

Powerspin gives you infinitely variable isometric resistance which can tone just effectively as it can rehabilitate wrist and arms. in just one minute of usage, you will feel the pump & burn.

Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation

Use Powerspin to strengthen the rotator cuff with 100% non impact isometric exercise. Using Powerspin will help stabilise the joint, increase blood flow to the shoulder and decrease your rehabilitation times.

Chest & Abs Workout

Tone and build muscle in the chest & abs. The faster you spin the more intense the workout.

Shoulder Bursitis

Powerspin is effective in the treatment of shoulder bursitis. Help shoulder co-contraction rehabilitate quicker.


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