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This high-performance range builds arm, wrist and grip strength like nothing on the planet. Our most powerful series - perfect for athletes or anyone serious about building muscle and endurance. *Use at slower spin speeds for rehab.

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Titan Autostart ProAuto-Start, Free Carry Case, Oversized Aluminum Shell, Heavyweight Zinc Rotor, Drop Resistant, 20,000rpm

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Diablo Evo Autostart ClassicAuto-Start, Carry Case, Zinc Rotor, Chrome Finish Stainless Steel, 20,000rpm+


Diablo Evo Autostart ProAuto-Start, Carry Case, Zinc Rotor, Stainless Steel Chrome Finish, Speed Meter, 20,000rpm+

  • Automatic Starting

    Autostart Powerballs means no cords required, just wind rotor backward 3 turns, release and spin for instant, fuss free starts every time. The high performance zinc rotors in the metal series are the easiest in the world to start. Check out our videos page for starting tips and technique.
  • Solid Zinc High Performance Rotors

    Computer balanced to exceed 20,000rpm with zero vibration powered just by your wrist. Both the Titan and the Diablo Evo have ultra precise heavyweight zinc rotors. Computer balanced to spin smoother and quieter than the polycarbonate models. These rotors can output 18.7kg 41lbs Diablo and 22.7kg 50lbs Titan at 10,000rpm (10,000rpm is an achievable spin speed for most people after a bit of training). The stronger you are the faster you will spin.
  • Custom Carry Case and Packaging

    Each Titan Pro and Diablo Evo is complete with a custom fit carry case and assecories. Packaged in a beautiful premium box too good to throw away. Either of these products are a stunning gift to yourself or someone special.
  • LCD Speed Meter

    Multi-Function, battery-free speed meter. 4 different functions including tracking your highest spin speeds & endurance modes for strength building & tracking your rehabilitation progress.
  • Sports and Strength Building

    These are simply the two best Powerballs in the world for building grip, wrist and forearm strength. Add another dimension to your training regime with Powerball. Build incredible grip strength, reduce liklihood of injuries and improve your game whatever that is.
  • Rehabilitate at low spin speeds

    At low spin speeds RPMs 2000 - 5000 (use built in LCD counter to help) this metal range of Powerballs can be used for rehab. When recovering increase the speed as you regain strength to push along your recovery process.
  • Gold Standard Warranty

    Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty included with every Powerball Gyroscpope bought from
  • What does Autostart Mean/ Do these powerballs Require a Cord to Start?

    Both the Diablo Evo and Titan Pro are Autostart Powerballs. This means you do NOT need a cord to start them. They have built-in tensioners that are simply wound back and released to enable an easy start every time. Check out our videos page for starting techniques and tips.
  • What is the diameter and height of these Powerballs?

    The Titan is the largest Powerball ever built and is 80mm wide and 60mm in height. The Diablo Evo is substantially smaller at 65mm in width and 60mm in height. If you have very small hands, the Titan may feel awkward or large to handle, so we ask that you take this into consideration.
  • How much force / resistance / Torque do the Metal Series Powerballs generate?

    The Titan Pro generates 22.7kg/ 50lbs at 10,000rpm and the Diablo Evo generates 18.7kg/ 41lbs at 10,000rpm. 10,000rpm is an achievable spin speed for the average person. As your wrist, grip and forearm strength increases, your spin speed will become faster and you will be able to generate more resistance. While the metal series are calibrated to spin up to 20,000rpm, no human would have the grip strength to generate this type of speed. Theoretically, these products can generate over 40kgs / 100lbs but even the very strongest of athletes may only manage to generate max. 28kgs/ 60lbs. We look forward to someone going faster!
  • How much do these models weigh?

    The Titan weighs 520g / 18.34oz and the Diablo weighs 357g / 12.6oz. Incredibly, with some training a person can hope to generate 60 times the actual weight of these Powerballs in resistance. A 357g Powerball can feel like a 20kg dumbbell in your hand, allowing you to build incredible grip strength as a result.
  • Are these models suitable for rehabilitation?

    Yes absolutely. These Powerballs generate anywhere between 0 and 60lbs depending on your grip strength. We simply advise people with injuries to use these high performance models at LOW SPIN SPEEDS for rehabilitation. Just like a sports car, these Powerballs are capable of high speeds, but it is important to stick to the 'speed limits' during your recovery. Spin nice and slow to begin with and build the speed and resistance as you recover and get stronger.

    Exercising with Powerball massively increases circulation and promotes the flow of oxygen-rich nutrients along the entire kinetic chain of the arm. These nutrients target and treat an injury at its source, actively repairing and rehabilitating damaged muscle tissue and relieving pain fast. Best of all, exercise with Powerball is 100% non-impact, so it will never worsen your injury or cause you further pain.

    Powerball rehabilitates a wide range of finger, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder conditions. Many of our customers use Powerball to treat common injuries, such as RSI (tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow), broken bones, fractures & sprains, ligament & tendon tears, arthritis as well as general pain & inflammation.

    Powerball strengthens the entire kinetic chain of the arm - from fingertip right up to shoulder. If you’re interested in serious strengthening, then the Powerball Metal Series are the right choice for you. Strengthen your wrists for effective injury prevention, develop incredible finger grip strength and build muscle mass in the arms and shoulders - it’s as easy as picking up a Powerball.

    How often you use Powerball depends entirely on your level of fitness and whether or not you are suffering from an injury. For rehabilitative purposes, we recommend using Powerball for at least 3 minutes a day and at least 5 minutes a day for strengthening purposes.

    Both the Titan Pro and Diablo Evo Powerballs feature a 6-mode LCD speed meter for keeping track of your strength and endurance gains. Monitoring your spin speeds will also help you to measure your rehabilitation progress and push yourself along during your recovery period. What’s more,the Powerball speed meter saves your highest spin speed so that you can constantly improve on your results and compete against friends for the top score.

    No batteries are required to operate these products. Powerball is powered solely by the rotation of your wrist.

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