Powerball Packs

Great value Powerball packs ideal for strengthening & rehabilitation or perfect gift ideas that anyone would love.

35% off

Hybrid Strength PackHybrid Autostart Pro & Carry Case, 200 & 250 Metal Grip Strengtheners & Powerball Grip Kit

USD$149.99 USD$97.49
25% off

Finger & Hand Rehab PackUltimate Pack for Faster Finger and Hand Rehabilitation

USD$81.99 USD$59.99
35% off

Grip Kit Pack Adjustable Power Gripper, Isometric Finger Exerciser, Finger Stretcher, TPR Egg, Squeeze Ring

USD$27.99 USD$18.19
60% off

Power Gripper - Twin Pack2 x Adjustable Hand Strengthener 5-50kg, Gripper Workout Sheet

USD$21.99 USD$8.79
  • What products are included in each pack?

    The Autostart Pro Strength Pack includes; 1 x Autostart Pro Powerball, 1 x Powerball Carry Case, 1 x Power Gripper, 1 x Isometric Finger Exerciser, 1 x Squeeze Exercise Egg, 1 x Finger Stretch Exerciser

    The Elite Titan Pack includes: 1 x Titan Pro Powerball, 1 x Powerball Carry Case, 2 x Metal Grippers (150lb & 200lb), 2 x Power Grippers (10-110lb adjustable), 1 x Isometric Finger Exerciser, 2 x Finger Stretch Exercisers, 1 x Squeeze Exercise Egg, 1 x Power Roller

  • Is it possible to customise the colours of the strength pack?

    The colours of the individual items in the Strength Pack may vary. If you would like to receive only certain product colours in your pack, please send an email to info@powerballs.com and we will be happy to assist you.
  • What are the benefits of buying a Strength Pack over individual items?

    The Autostart Pro Strength Pack saves you over 25% on the normal combined retail price of all of the included products, while the Elite Titan Pack saves you a massive 30% off. Each accessory product included in these packs are highly complementary to Powerball exercise and when used in conjunction with the gyroscopic exerciser, only serve to maximise your strengthening and/or rehabilitative results.

    All of our Pro Powerball models feature a 6-mode LCD speed meter for keeping track of your strength and endurance gains. Monitoring your spin speeds will also help you to measure your rehabilitation progress and push yourself along during your recovery period. What’s more, the Powerball speed meter saves your highest spin speed, so you can constantly improve on your results or compete against your friends for the top score.

    No batteries are required to operate any of the products included in these strength packs.

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