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Powerball Autostart Pro Fusion
Powerball Autostart Pro Fusion
Powerball Autostart Pro Fusion
Powerball Autostart Pro Fusion
Powerball Autostart Pro Fusion

Powerball Autostart Pro FusionAuto-Start, Multi Colour Rotor LEDs, Speed Meter, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm 

'Wind back & release' technology for instant, cord free activation, 280 Autostart Pro Fusion offers ultra smooth spin performance with multi function LCD speedmeter, impact-resistant shell, reversible internal tracks, speed sensitive multi-colored rotor LEDs and vibration free, 18,000rpm spin speed. 0-16kg (0-35lbs) resistance, perfect for all upper limb rehabilitation and/or strength building.


Automatic Starting

This Powerball has an auto-start mechanism for easy starts. Just wind back and release. Auto-start Powerballs are advised for rehabilitation.


Powered by magnetic induction this battery free speed-meter allows you 4 different settings to track your strength gains or rehabilitation progress.


Multi coloured LEDs that change colour depending on the RPMs of the Powerball rotor. Red LEDs and low RPMs, Red and blue together at medium RPMs and Blue on its own at higher RPMs.

Resistance Output

Generates 0 - 16kg / 35pounds of resistance / force at 10,000rpm.

High Precision Rotor

The precisely balanced rotor engine develops up to 60lbs of inertial resistance and is certified to exceed 18,000rpm with zero vibration

Rehabilitation Friendly

‘Wind back & release’ autostart mechanism allows you operate Powerball even when injured or impaired

Controlled Power

Powerball weighs less than 500g but develops up to 28kg/60lbs of resistance at maximum spin speed

Drop Resistant

Featuring a patented drop resistant shell to help protect the internal mechanism from damage if dropped

Stability Control System

Patented improved damping system ensures zero vibration at all times.

Muscle Endurance Mode

Digital counter allows you to track revolutions at 30, 60 or 90 second intervals. Great for endurance training allowing you to build strength output over longer periods.

Highest Achieved Spin Speed

Speed meter will hold your highest spin speed for 48hrs. Allows you to track rehab and strength gains or for some competition with friends

Real Time Revolutions

Allows to to show real time rotor revolutions on the speed meter.

Wear Resistant Materials

New improved materials for longer life. Less wear on inner tracks expands the life of a Powerball.

Easy Maintenance

You can open your Powerball in 30 seconds for easy maintenance.

Rehabilitation Videos

Follow our physio designed programs to help you with your recovery. We have individual videos which will help you rehab from fingertip to shoulder.

Rehabilitation Programmes

Find our rehabilitation programmes for a wide range of injuries on our website. Download the PDFs and follow the programmes and cut your rehabilitation times.

Reversible Inner Tracks

Powerball features reversible inner tracks to provide up to 2X normal operating lifespan. Simply open Powerball and flip the rings around for an ‘out of box’ new spin performance.

Gentle Soothing Resistance

At low spin speeds Powerball is a gentle exerciser. 100% non impact uniquely adept at rehabilitating RSI and injuries.

Finger Rehab

Powerball is a world class finger rehabilitation device. Improve your rehab times dramatically by following our physio designed videos and rehab programs.

Wrist Rehab

Whether it is a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or recovery from a sprain, break or fracture there is nothing more efficient then Powerball. Use what the professionals recommend.

Arm Rehab

Powerball is used for arm rehabilitation & strengthening for a wide range of arm problems. Perfect for; Curing & treating RSI, arm fracture/break rehabilitation, Muscle strains and general forearm strengtening.

Shoulder Rehab

Powerball cuts rehabilitation times & strengthens the muscles & tendons. Helps shoulder co-contraction / Stabilization of the joint. Increases shoulder joint flexibility & Mobility. Perfect for a vast array of shoulder complaints.

Hand Rehab

Whether you are recovery from an injury or curing pain from RSI using Powerball will leave you stronger, healthier & pain free.

Strength Building

Build strength from fingertip to shoulder. Exercise with Powerball is purely isometric so it will complement any training regime.


Find out why so many professional musicians use Powerball to keep them healthy. Long sessions lead to muscle tears and damage. Powerball will allow you to play longer for healthier.


Professional driving/ long distance commuting will damage your wrists & arms overtime. RSI symptoms and pains and aches are the result. Use Powerball daily and leave yourself stronger and pain free.

Computer Users

Typing and using your computer everyday can leave you with all manner of repetitive strain injuries. Using Powerball will relieve the symptoms and prevent long-term damage from computer use. Stay strong, healthy & pain free with Powerball.

Isometric Resistance Training

Powerballs resistance exercise is isometric which is 100% non impact. Isometric exercise builds muscle endurance fast and is perfect for rehabilitation as it is low impact for rehabilitation.


Powerball is fun and engaging, it will even take the monotony out of rehabilitation. When you are healthy you can test yourself on your own or among your friends to see how high a score you can get. The world record is over 17,000rpms can you get near it?

Sports People

No matter what your game improve it with Powerball. Wrist strengthening, endurance training, injury prevention/ rehabilitation. Powerball is a versatile trainer that will improve anyones game


Injury prevention for sports people (or anyone at all) is becoming more and more important. Using Powerball will not only make you stronger but it will allow you recover from long training sessions and reduce the likelihood of injuries especially RSI.


Using your hands and arms for a myriad of things daily can leave you with aches and pains and possible RSI. Using Powerball will relieve these symptoms and leave you strong and healthy.

Manual Labour

If you work manual labour with your hands everyday this can do damage to tendons and joints leaving you in pain. Powerball is effective at preventing and relieving injuries and pain from stress on your upper limbs from work.


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