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Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack
Elite Titan Pack

Elite Titan PackTitan Pro & Carry Case, 2 x Metal Grippers (100lbs & 150lbs), 2 x Power-Gripper (10-110lbs adjustable), 2 x Finger Stretch Exerciser, Isometric Finger Exerciser, Power Roller & Squeeze Egg 

The centerpiece of this Elite pack is the world's most powerful Powerball; Titan Pro Autostart. Superb value with 30% OFF this premium bundle is the perfect choice for all sports & fitness enthusiasts or indeed anyone serious about strengthening their upper limbs.


Powerball Autostart Titan Pro & Carry Case - Titan Pro includes an inbuilt digital speed meter for precisely tracking your workout sessions, ultra-smooth spin performance, solid zinc rotor, automatic starting. Produces 22kg of resistance at 10,000rpm with a max output of 28kg / 60lbs+.

Titan Features

Titan Unboxing

Metal Grippers in 100 & 150lbs resistances - 2 high quality aluminium & steel grippers with protective foam covers and bag included.

Power Gripper x 2 - affords you 5-50kg (1-110lbs) of concentric and eccentric grip strength resistance to complement the isometric strength training of Powerball.

Power Roller - self-massage ball for sore muscles and pain relief on the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, legs, and feet.

Finger Stretch Exerciser x 2 - resistance trainer for your hands and fingers.

Isometric Finger Gripper - can be used for both dexterity and endurance training of the fingers. Simply squeeze and hold for 20-60 seconds and build strength fast.

Squeeze Exercise Egg - simple, effective hand squeeze 'egg' - great for strengthening and rehabilitation/recovery.

Colours may vary of accessory items

35% off

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