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NEXXBAR offers an extraordinary new way to self massage the entire body. We have been testing and selling a variety of self-massage products worldwide for over 15 years and have never encountered anything that can delve so deeply down into the muscle tissue like this device. Invented by Canadian Ross O'Keefe following a car accident which caused extensive soft tissue injury to his neck, NEXXBAR kneads and rolls out tight muscles and knots all over the body more effectively than any other single device (foam roller, massage gun, balls, sticks - everything) that we've ever sold. Used correctly, its efficient mastery as a muscle rolling device will simply amaze you, we guarantee it.

SELF LEVERAGE - NEXXBAR is 100% self-leveraging, meaning it utilises the stability and weight of your body to provide you with a deeply penetrating massage that breaks down knots and lengthens out tight muscle tissue like nothing you've yet experienced. This revolutionary technology allows for easy self-treatment and self-massage at home or out on the field.

TOTAL BODY MASSAGE - Anchored by a strap at one end and fully telescopic, NEXXBAR allows you to easily maneuver around difficult to massage areas like your back or neck without the need to over-reach. With this leveraged technology, just a little downward pressure on the extended handle will pull the bar deep into the tightest muscle and, once in position, a small twist left or right will literally steamroll out the most stubborn of knots in seconds, be it in your leg, shoulder, foot or back. NEXXBAR is a highly efficient self-massage solution for the entire body.

SIMPLE TO USE - Unlike some other rollers and massagers, NEXXBAR can be used without the need for a second pair of hands. You don't even need to lie on the floor; simply position the strap around the targeted area, anchor it with your free hand and start massaging.

FULLY ACCESIBLE -NEXXBAR provides self-treatment for people of all ages. Rehabilitate injury with a gentle massage; cool down after sport; practice physiotherapy or alleviate aching muscles - this unique massage tool allows you access the entire body without overreaching or stretching to get to those hard to reach areas.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE -At home, work or on the go, NEXXBAR's telescopic design is compact and streamlined to fit easily into your everyday routine. It is airport-security friendly, making it great for long flights and travel.

If you have found that regular foam rolling hasn't been giving you the results that your body needs then give Nexxbar a try - you simply won't believe that something so simple can be so effective.


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