Hand Rehab Products

If you are experiencing pain in your hands or recovering from an injury choose from our selection of products and build strong and healthy hands.

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Finger & Hand Rehab PackUltimate Pack for Faster Finger and Hand Rehabilitation

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Autostart ProAuto-Start, Speed Meter, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm


StressBall ExerciserSqueezable Powerball shaped 'stress-reliever' & exerciser for the hands & fingers

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Grip Kit Pack Adjustable Power Gripper, Isometric Finger Exerciser, Finger Stretcher, TPR Egg, Squeeze Ring

USD$27.99 USD$18.19
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Isometric Finger Exerciser


Power GripperAdjustable Hand Strengthener 5-50kg, suitable for both rehabilitation & strengthening


SkrunchTactile hand / finger rehabilitation & strengthening ball

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Skrunch 24 piece retail packTactile hand / finger rehabilitation & strengthening ball - 24 pieces & dispensing box

USD$99.99 USD$74.99
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Light Metal Power Grippers

USD$22.99 USD$14.39
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Medium Metal Power Grippers

USD$23.99 USD$14.39
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Finger Stretch ExerciserComplementary exerciser for finger rehabilitation & strengthening

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Thumb Splint Exact Fit


TPR Stress Egg

  • What does Autostart Mean/ Do these powerballs Require a Cord to Start?

    Autostart Start Powerballs feature an in-built autostart spring mechanism and do NOT need a cord to start. Simply wind the rotor back and release for an easy, fuss-free start every time. Check out our videos page for starting techniques and tips.
  • I’m experiencing pain in my hand, can I still start Powerball?

    Yes, Powerball is very easy to start. Simply wind the rotor back and release. If pain in your hand is preventing you from doing this, a much simpler way to start Powerball is to roll the rotor backwards across a flat surface, such as a table or wall.
  • What makes Powerball so effective for hand rehabilitation?

    Powerball’s isometric resistance is what makes it so effective for rehabilitation. As you spin Powerball, it generates non-impact, isometric resistance which works its way deep into the muscle tissue, not just in the in the hand, but throughout the entire upper body - repairing and healing for a long-lasting and speedy recovery.
  • What is included in the Autostart Pro Strength Pack?

    The Autostart Pro Strength Pack includes; 1 x Autostart Pro Powerball, 1 x Powerball Carry Case, 1 x Power Gripper, 1 x Isometric Finger Exerciser, 1 x Squeeze Exercise Egg, 1 x Finger Stretch Exerciser
  • How often should I use Powerball?

    For rehabilitation purposes, we recommend using Powerball at a low level of resistance (around 5,000rpm) for 3-5 minutes each day, or as much as your injury will allow. As you begin to progress through your recovery, you will notice that your spin sessions with Powerball will quickly grow longer and faster, as you yourself grow stronger.
  • How often should I use the Finger stretch exerciser?

    We recommend using the Finger Stretch Exerciser once or twice a day during your recovery (or as much as your injury allows for). Start by doing 3 reps of 20 stretches with a sufficient break in between each rep. As you begin to recover and grow stronger, you can increase daily use.
  • How often should I use the Isometric Finger Exerciser?

    We recommend using the Isometric Finger Exerciser once or twice a day during your recovery (or as much as your injury allows for). Start by squeezing and holding the buttons down for 20-60 seconds at time. It is also beneficial to use the Exerciser like you would a trumpet for 20 seconds at a time. As you grow begin to recover and grow stronger, you can increase daily use.
  • How often should I use the Power Gripper?

    We recommend using the Power Gripper at least once a day during your recovery period. Start with 3 reps of 20 squeezes per day (or as many as your injury will allow for). You can also try squeezing and holding the Power Gripper for 20 seconds at a time. As you begin to recover and grow stronger, you can increase daily use, the amount of reps you do, as well as adjust the tension level of the Power Gripper to fit with your rehab progress.
  • Want to know more about the different types of strengthening equipment available?

    We offer a range of rehabilitation and strengthening products on our website. For more information on the individual products and which piece of equipment is right for you, read our blog post: https://powerballs.com/grip-strength-equipment/

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