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PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)
PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)
PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)
PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)
PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)
PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)
PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)
PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)

PowerGripper 7 Piece Set (50lb - 350lb)7 Gripper Set, 50lbs to 350lbs 

Peak Performance with Style - At the core of each metal gripper is a powerful reinforced stainless steel coil spring finished in anodized matte black. Each weight resistance has its own vividly coloured aluminum handle with a diamond etched matrix pattern for extra grip and to ensure that these grippers look just as good as they function..

Beginner Levels Pink & Purple - X-Light (Pink 50lbs ) and Light (Purple 100lbs) resistances that are suitable for warm-up of the wrist prior to stepping up to the heavier models in the set or simply for use for progressive rehabilitation following an arm or wrist injury.

Intermediate Level Blue & Strong Level Red - Classified as medium > advanced level grippers (Blue: 150lbs / 68kg & Red: 200lbs / 91kg) these units are ideal for intermediate level grip strength training and late stage rehabilitation.

Elite Level Black (250lbs / 113kg) - Classified as extra strong, this is an advanced resistance level, suitable for experienced trainers and athletes. Because of the strong resistance produced by this model, we recommend that users work with the lower models for several sessions before using this gripper.

Silver & Gold - Weapon Grade Grippers - Classified as XX-Strong and 'Beast' level, both units demand the mightiest of forearm/grip strength and will require extensive work with the lower level models before you'll be able to contemplate squeezing them to any degree. Silver gripper models produce a formidable 300lbs resistance while Gold grippers kick back with a bone crushing 350lbs and only a small handful of people worldwide capable of closing it fully. (Could it be you? If so, please get in touch, we want you as our brand ambassador. Seriously. We do.)..

Training Guide - Each Gripper comes with a comprehensive training guide to help maximise your strengthening and rehabilitation results.

Gold standard warranty - Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty included.

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