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Foot Rocker Black
Foot Rocker Black
Foot Rocker Black
Foot Rocker Black
Foot Rocker Black
Foot Rocker Black
Foot Rocker Black

Foot Rocker Black

STRETCH YOUR FOOT WITH EASE- With or without shoes, conveniently stretch your foot with the RPM Power Foot Rocker. With a unique ergonomic design, the movement of the foot rocker will allow for a tender and even stretch to relieve foot pain, while improving circulation at the same time. The foot rocker focuses on the lower muscles of the leg, ligaments and tendons to reduce muscle pain like no other.

ALLEVIATE FOOT PAIN - The RPM Power Foot Rocker is ideal in reducing pain from issues such as ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, calf pain and many more. The foot rockers unique design focuses on engaging the correct foot posture of the user, so that the stretches done minimise discomfort whilst soothing injury.

ANTI-SLIP DESIGN - The foot rocker is designed with anti-slip texture on the base of the rocker to ensure that the rocker does not slide when used on specific surfaces. The unique heel plate ensures your heel is solidly in place to avert your foot from slipping when being used.

ERGONOMIC ANGLED FOOT PLATE - The RPM Power Foot Rocker allows your foot to engage in efficient, direct stretching. By simply engaging in short stretches twice per day, you will observe an increase in your flexibility while diminishing heel, leg and foot pain.

ANOTHER QUALITY RPM PRODUCT - This foot rocker is made to soothe your pain and ease your injury’s. Built to withstand years of training, the max supported weight is approximately 110kg.

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