Quickly and easily tone and strengthen arms,
shoulders, upper body and core

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Centrifugal forces

Harnessing the power of nature

Firm, progressive rotation of this centrifugal exerciser causes the weighted steel ball to spin inside the infinity tube at up to 10 rotations per second, generating a unique, natural force which combines with correct hand and arm movements, to deliver very precise, powerful exercises – exercises which are proven to tone and strengthen arms, shoulders, upper body and core.

Reap the rewards

Non-impact, high-gain, fun exercise

A little practice is required to develop a smooth spinning motion and it may take longer for your less dominant arm to ‘learn’, but once you have mastered the technique, you’ll enjoy quick, energising workouts in just a few minutes. And while it will push your muscles hard, spinning really is fun!

Tone or build muscle

Light or intense, short or long

The faster and longer you spin, the more intense the exercise experience. Medium speed and short duration for firming and toning and fast speed and long duration to rapidly build muscle. You’ll feel a difference with as little as 6 minutes spinning per day, just 3 days a week.

Superb build quality

Engineered to perform. Built to last.

Powerspin® is designed and built to withstand heavy repeated use and any knocks and drops that come with vigorous exercising and workouts. The weighted steel ball has a smooth rubber coating to increase resistance and minimise noise during spinning. A carefully moulded handle maximises user comfort and grip.

Targeted exercises

Vary exercises to target different areas

There are 3 main Powerspin® exercises, all of which have been specially developed to isolate and work on specific muscle groups – Shoulder & Elbow, Shoulder and Triceps.



At just 860g and a diameter of 27.5cm, Powerspin® is lightweight and compact enough to slip into your backpack or gym bag

What’s included

1x Powerspin®

2 x free exercise DVDs – 6 minute & 10 minute workouts with trainer Jo Gathercole


Purchase directly from our website and your Powerspin® is covered by an unconditional lifetime warranty.*


If required, you may clean the exterior of your Powerspin® with a damp cloth, no further maintenance is required.


Infinity Tube: Lightweight, robust, injection moulded plastic.

Ball: Precisely machined steel ball, covered with a smooth and tough rubber coating.

Handle: Polyurethane for maximum grip.


You get out of it what you put in

"I’m disabled and have no coordination in my left side, I’ve had this Powerspin for a week, I can use it great with my right arm and trust me you can feel the burn... it’s really simple but so effective, I couldn't use it for more than 20 seconds with my left arm but one week later ( using it 3 - 5 times a day) I’m up to a minute and a half already and the whole family and even friends are picking it up, it’s great you get out of it what you put in... FANTASTIC!!!"

Amazon 5 stars – Sonyarita

Would recommend to everybody

"I now have two Powerspins! One at home and one at the office! 8 hours a day in front of the computer makes your body go stiff and it's not very healthy to sit still all day... So one resolution is Powerspin! 2-3 times a day a colleague and I take 4 minutes off (2 minutes each) - and go spinning. It's brilliant! We both have much more energy. A little exercise tip: try to stand on one leg while you spin the Powerspin. Gives your thighs a little workover and helps train your balance. Great product. Takes up very little space. Uses no batteries. Light weight. Good quality. Would recommend to everybody – young and old!"

Amazon 5 stars – Lene, Copenhagen

I've seen such a huge transformation

"I have been using my Powerspin 6 days a week for just 6 minutes a day as per the fitness workout, which if you don't have the DVD can be found on YouTube. It's really easy once you get the knack of spinning but boy do you feel it burn! I take mine to work with me and use it in my lunch break and it stops me feeling guilty for eating rubbish at my desk lol! My arms have gone from being not exactly fat but far from toned and now you can really see the definition in my arms and I have actually started to see some serious toning of my abs - I honestly cannot recommend this highly enough i've actually edited my previous review and upped from 4* to 5 because i've seen such a huge transformation!"

Amazon 5 stars – Missyb

I would recommend this to anyone

"Since I have suffered with M.E. I have found it difficult to exercise due to muscle and joint pain. I can no longer do conventional workouts or use weights. I have been concerned about bingo wings for a while and have bought various exercise devices in the past but found they were too heavy and exacerbated my symptoms so I had to discontinue using them. The Powerspin had some really good reviews so I thought I would give it a try. It is so light weight and easy to use, I can use it every day without causing any pain or discomfort. Some of the exercises can even be done while sitting in a chair. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who experience difficulty with conventional exercise methods."

Amazon 5 stars – Witchypoo…!