The science of how
Powerball® works

Humans are designed to move

Humans are designed to move and skeletal muscle needs to be used to avoid atrophy and loss of strength. Regular exercise with Powerball® can help maintain muscle tone and health from finger to shoulder, thanks to its rhythmic movement and non-impact nature. When your muscles respond to the demands placed upon them from exercising with Powerball®, blood flow increases and joint health is promoted by stimulating the production of synovial fluid (the fluid that lubricates and nourishes joints).

Activate a wide range of
finger, wrist and arm muscles

Exert Force

The gripping action required to hold Powerball® activates the finger flexor muscles and the wrist extensor muscles. Activating the wrist extensors prevents wrist flexion, thereby enhancing grip strength. With the wrist extensors activated by the gripping action, the rotatory movements necessary to maintain the gyroscopic movement of Powerball® exert forces on a wide range of muscles

Muscles respond to the demands placed upon them. Put simply, it takes more effort to hold a book that weighs 2kg, than a book that weighs 1kg. If you carry a book of any particular weight repetitively, your muscles respond by generating additional fibres and “growing” the muscle. Over time, the exercise becomes easier to perform. Powerball® places demands on muscles by using it for longer periods or by increasing the spin speed, which increases the resistance and thus the effort required from the muscles and is effective throughout the kinetic chain from fingers to shoulder girdle.


Stimulate production
of synovial fluid

In addition to muscular involvement, circumduction (the circular movement of a limb) takes the wrist joint through its full range of movement in a gentle rhythmic fashion. This rhythmic movement of the carpal bones relative to the distal ends of the radius, ulna and to each other, stimulates the production of synovial fluid within the joints.

Synovial fluid (present in all moveable joints) is gel-like and viscous when the joint is immobile but becomes more fluid with movement. This enhances its friction reducing and shock absorbing qualities, reducing stress on the joint.

Avoid the monotony
of rehab exercises

Most rehabilitation takes place outside of the clinical environment and the patient checks in with their therapist periodically. Among the challenges in home rehabilitation are combatting monotony and finding accurate ways for the patient to monitor their own recovery.

AUTO POWER OFF FCN ON/CLR Unlike other exercise tools employed in rehabilitation programmes, progress can be measured by the digital display counter on a Powerball®. This avoids some of the monotony associated with rehabilitation and enables targets to be set and progress monitored.

How To Use Powerball®

Once you learn the correct technique, starting and using your Powerball® is very simple – these short guides and exercises will help you get started.

Getting Started

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