Cure & Prevent Workplace RSIs with Powerball

The majority of adults today will spend over 1/3 of their life at work. While the tasks of most jobholders may vary over the years, almost all of the work we do involves our upper limbs.

Hairdressing, writing, mechanical work, cleaning, inputting data into a computer, working on an assembly line, driving…

Whether it’s practical work, such as producing goods or carrying out a service, or simply sitting at a desk all day and using a computer, you can be sure that our hands, wrists, fingers and arms are almost certainly engaged.

However, with our jobs demanding so much from our hands and fingers, it’s no wonder that these limbs can often become strained from overuse. Regular computer use is even one of the most common causes of RSI (repetitive strain injury), a condition that affects millions of workers worldwide each year.


Causing irritation, discomfort and pain in joints – RSI, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis can have a serious impact on your muscles and may even affect your ability to work.

What can you do to prevent an RSI at work?

Powerball is an effective hand exercise device that targets and strengthens specific areas of the upper body, including the fingers, hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder.


Spinning Powerball generates isometric resistance – the faster you spin, the more resistance Powerball creates. This type of resistance is 100% non-impact meaning it doesn’t place any strain on damaged muscles or tendons. In fact, it does exactly the opposite: this resistance pushes and fights against your wrist movements and encourages the flow of healing, oxygen-rich nutrients throughout the entire upper-body area.

In this way, using Powerball soothes and relieves pain in the joint, while simultaneously rehabilitating an injury, such as a work-related RSI. Not only that, but Powerball effectively prevents long-term damage, cutting recovery times and combating further injury in the process.


Using Powerball for just a few minutes each day will significantly lower the risk of sustaining an injury in the workplace.

Spin Powerball at slow speeds to:

  • relieve & soothe pain
  • rehabilitate an injury (e.g. RSI)
  • strengthen damaged muscles & tendons
  • cut recovery times
  • combat & prevent further injury


Experience these benefits for yourself with Powerball and create a healthier, safer and pain-free working environment today.

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Are you feeling the pain in your hands, wrists, & arms from typing, manual labour, driving or any repetitive task in your workplace?

 Prevent – Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders
✔ Avoid – Repetitive Strain Injuries & pain
✔ Reduce – rehabilitation times
 Strengthen – bones, muscles & tendons
✔ Follow – physio designed programs

Use Powerball for as little as 3 minutes a day to stay strong, pain-free and healthy.



The best products don’t require a lot of fuss, they just work. Wind back the precisely balanced zinc rotor; release and begin turning your wrist in slow, gentle circles.

As your Powerball® rotor builds speed so does the gyroscopic resistance created. This resistance is in the form of isometric exercise for a Powerball® user. Perfect for rehabilitation & strengthening from fingertip to shoulder.


The faster you rotate your wrist, the faster the rotor spins and the more resistance Powerball generates..

From 1.0lb right up to 60lbs.

Spin slowly for rehab of RSI or a broken bone; spin fast to build gold standard grip and forearm strength