Shoulder Rehabilitation Made Simple with Powerball & Powerspin


Powerball & Powerspin are highly effective at rehabilitating & strengthening the shoulder joint, tendons & surrounding muscles. On their own, these products are the number one choice for shoulder rehabilitation, or why not use them together for even more efficient recovery results.

Join the 4 million other customers who have successfully used these products for shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening, and experience the benefits for yourself today.

Rehabilitate Shoulder InjuriesStrengthen Bones, Muscles & TendonsPromote Shoulder Co-contractionFollow Physio-designed Arm Rehab Programs


Rehabilitate Shoulder Injuries

How do Powerball & Powerspin rehabilitate? Both Powerball & Powerspin generate isometric resistance when you spin them. Isometric resistance boosts circulation and encourages the flow of oxygen and healing nutrients to sore areas in the shoulder. These nutrients quickly relieve pain and repair muscle tissue for fast and effective shoulder rehabilitation.

When used for just a few minutes each day, our Powerball products are hugely effective in treating a range of shoulder problems, including:

  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Dislocated or broken shoulder
  • Shoulder fracture or sprain
  • General shoulder pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
  • Shoulder impingement injuries
  • Shoulder bursitis



Strengthen as You Recover

Powerball and Powerspin are so effective because they provide powerful muscle strengthening and shoulder rehabilitation at the same time. This is thanks to their isometric resistance.

The isometric resistance generated by spinning Powerball and Powerspin not only targets and relieves pain, but it also repairs and strengthens muscles and joints as they recover. This harmony of treatment and strengthening massively speeds up recovery times and greatly reduces the risk of you incurring another injury after recovery. Powerball and Powerspin can be used to:


Promote Shoulder Stability

Many shoulder rehabilitation programmes will include exercises, such as pushing your shoulder against a door frame or wall in order to stretch out and restabilize the shoulder joint. While these exercises are helpful, they can risk overexerting the shoulder. Our Powerball products utilise 100% non-impact isometric resistance in order to successfully treat and rehabilitate all manner of shoulder conditions. Non-impact exercise places zero strain on injured muscle and bone and thus will not make an injury worse. Using Powerball or Powerspin (or both) for just 3 minutes a day is enough to maintain a healthy, stable and active shoulder joint.

Experience pain-free movement again in just a few weeks with Powerball and Powerspin.



We have designed two separate Powerspin exercise videos and rehabilitation programs that you can follow in order to target all of the individual muscle groups in and around the shoulder. Spending as little as 2-3 minutes a day on each exercise will provide you with immediate pain relief and improved flexibility and strength in the shoulder area. Watch the accompanying video or visit the videos page of our website for more easy-to-follow exercise videos.

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Do you have one of the following injuries?

Shoulder PainRotator Cuff InjuriesShoulder Bursitis

Whether you’re a long-time sufferer of one of these injuries, or you’ve only recently started experiencing the symptoms of one, Powerball will help you to stop the condition in its tracks today.

Repair, rehabilitate, recover – the Powerball way.

  • Testimonial


    On the 8th of March last year, I tore a Rotator Cuff tendon in my right shoulder whilst playing squash. Before that day I was competing in long distance open water Masters swimming events, playing squash and golf regularly and loving it. I have seen many physiotherapists and consultant osteopaths, had an MRI scan and purchasing numerous products design to help me cure my shoulder. I’ve spent many hours exercising with bands.

    However, after nearly eight weeks of using an amber Powerball 250 Hz Regular, I am convinced it has done the trick. I’ve recently bought a Vortex that I’m also very pleased with. I use it for about 30 minutes every day and plan to continue until the day I’m pushing up daisies.

    I am now slowly but surely swimming again and playing squash and golf. I’ve been a sad man during the time I could not play my sports. My Powerball has made me a happy man. Sounds very corny but is very very true.

    Dave Wright, London, UK

  • Testimonial


    Decided to upgrade from my old 250hz Auto start to the 280hz Fusion Pro Auto start & what a difference, the Fusion Pro is a lot smoother & quieter plus you have the added Bonus of the Red & Blue bright LED’s that light up the faster the gyro spins…
    I have quite a bit of shoulder pain & out of all the things I have tried to rehabilitate them including Weights, Resistance Band’s TENS Machine, the Powerball is by far the Best, I can now sleep at night thanks to Powerball.
    If you go onto YouTube there are loads of videos showing you different rehabilitation exercises for your Fingers, Wrist, Arm & Shoulder.
    Powerball is the Perfect tool.

    P. J. Jackson

    5 Star Review

  • Testimonial

    Improve Rotator Cuff Flexibity & Strength with Powerball

    I saw an advert for this saying it was good for shoulder pain. I have been suffering for well over a year now and daily use of the Powerball has made a huge improvement. I am expecting a full recovery with time.

    J. Austin


    Just a couple of minutes a day (literally) and my shoulder pain eased in 3-4 days. I try to use it every day to keep the joint working.


    Physio recommended Powerball to me to rehabilitate my shoulder, glad he did, amazing product.


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Recommended Store Categories

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