Enjoy a Healthy & Active Lifestyle with Powerball

We use our upper-body limbs to help us carry out hundreds of different tasks each day.

Whether we’re using our fingers to scroll through our smartphone or type on the computer; our wrists to strum on a guitar, knit a scarf or bounce a ball; or simply our hands to pull weeds in the garden, scrub the dishes or drive a car – our upper limbs are rarely ever at rest.

We carry out many of these actions each day, because we understand that they are an important, and often necessary part of maintaining a healthy and organised lifestyle.

But did you know that the constant repetition of a certain task leaves muscles and joints open to overuse, one of the biggest causes of repetitive strain injuries (RSI)?


Take washing the dishes, for example: some people wash their dishes once a day, if not more. Washing dishes requires constantly moving a sponge over and back across a surface, repeating this action hundreds of times within a short space of time. When carried out on a regular basis, this repetitive task alone is enough to place severe strain on your hands, wrists, fingers and arms.

Over time, this strain can cause irritation in the joints and muscles, leading to discomfort and pain in these areas. RSI, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and tennis/golfer’s elbow are common conditions associated with overuse. These conditions can often take weeks to heal and can have a debilitating effect on your everyday life.

Powerball is an effective hand exercise device that will help to rehabilitate an RSI injury by repairing and strengthening damaged muscles and joints.

Spinning Powerball with your wrist generates isometric resistance, which pushes against your movements to greatly increase blood flow in the upper-body limbs.

This isometric resistance is 100% non-impact, meaning it does not place any strain on sore muscles or tendons. Instead, it allows you to rehabilitate and heal, while simultaneously strengthening the injured joint.


Not only does Powerball rehabilitate, but it also builds muscles and increases endurance and strength from the fingertip, all the way up to the shoulder.

Powerball is ideal for all athletes who play sports that require a strong grip, such as climbing, tennis, martial arts, cycling, etc. What’s more, using Powerball on a regular basis greatly enhances finger dexterity – perfect for musicians like guitarists, drummers and pianists.

At home, in the office, in your bag or in the car – thanks to its convenient size, Powerball can be used anywhere. Spinning Powerball for just a few minutes each day will significantly reduce the chances of sustaining an injury caused by the overuse of repetitive, everyday tasks, such as driving, working on a computer or playing video games.

Spin Powerball at fast speeds for just a few minutes each day and experience the benefits for yourself:

  • Build muscles
  • Increase grip power & strength
  • Enhance finger dexterity
  • Boost muscle endurance
  • Prevent future injuries & RSI


Enjoy a healthy & pain-free lifestyle today with Powerball.




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If you are feeling the pain & damage that repetitive tasks can do to your fingers, hands & arms. Powerball is the world’s premier device for RSI rehabilitation & prevention. 

 Prevent – Pains & Injuries
 Avoid – Repetitive strain injuries
✔ Follow – physio designed programs
✔ Reduce – rehabilitation times
✔ Stay – healthy & pain-free

For strong & healthy hands, wrists & arms add Powerball to your daily routine.



The best products don’t require a lot of fuss, they just work. Wind back the precisely balanced zinc rotor; release and begin turning your wrist in slow, gentle circles.

As your Powerball® rotor builds speed so does the gyroscopic resistance created. This resistance is in the form of isometric exercise for a Powerball® user. Perfect for rehabilitation & strengthening from fingertip to shoulder.


The faster you rotate your wrist, the faster the rotor spins and the more resistance Powerball generates..

From 1.0lb right up to 60lbs.

Spin slowly for rehab of RSI or a broken bone; spin fast to build gold standard grip and forearm strength