Relieving wrist pain with Powerball

Powerball wrist pain treatment – A revolution in rehabilitation

Nagging wrist pain can be a thing of the past thanks to Powerballs isometric soothing exercise. Powerball is perfect for the rehabilitation of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Sprains, Breaks & Fractures and general wrist strengthening. If you are feeling wrist pain or suffer from weak wrists 3 minutes a day with Powerball is all you need.

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Why is Powerball so effective at treating wrist pain?

  • Wrist pain can originate for many reasons, however, most commonly it is inflamed tendons and damage to the forearm muscles. Using Powerball creates huge blood flow which increases oxygen-rich nutrients to the tendons and muscles. Again this blood flow is created in a non-impact way which is impossible with traditional concentric and eccentric exercises.
  • Cure & prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) – these are a common cause of wrist pain and can occur from repetitive movements like typing, playing an instrument or sport. Powerball is uniquely adept at preventing and curing RSI symptoms.
  • Builds wrist strength & flexibilityExercising with Powerball creates full circumduction of the wrist joint improving flexibility. It also helps your joints produce synovial fluid which acts similar to the way oil does in a car keeping your joints lubricated and moving freely.
  • Wrist & grip strength comes directly from the muscles in your forearms. Powerball is incredibly efficient at exercising your forearms in a unique way using gyroscopic resistance. Exercising with Powerball is 100% non-impact isometric exercise which is most effective for rehabilitation.
  • Powerball can be as gentle or as powerful as you like. At low revolutions, the isometric exercise is soothing and therapeutic. However, Powerball is a world-class wrist strengthener and can generate the resistance equivalent to lifting a 25kg dumbbell.

What does the physical therapist say?

Colm Murphy is an IAPT physical therapist, lecturer in anatomy, & professional tennis coach. Colm is an expert in rehabilitation, musculoskeletal anatomy & analysis and works closely with elite level athletes. Colm designed our rehabilitation & strengthening programmes.


Powerball Gyroscope – How it Works

Powerball is the home of gyroscope exercisers. A Powerball has a rotor (green wheel) which spins on its axis creating resistance against the user. This resistance is created by the rotor as you turn your wrists which is known as gyroscopic precision. The faster the rotor spins the more resistance there is against the user. This resistance is purely isometric which is ideal for rehabilitation & wrist pain relief.

What causes wrist pain?

The wrist is the most complex joint in the body with 8 carpal bones and over 20 individual tendons. This leaves it highly susceptible to a range of conditions including RSIs such as carpal tunnel syndrome & tendonitis, or numbness and arthritis. In order to tackle wrist pain effectively – permanently strengthening the surrounding muscles of the wrist needs to take place. Wrist pain can also originate from the elbow joint and is a common side effect of tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow which Powerball can be used to treat.

Wrist pain treatment – Wrist Pain Relief

Physio designed exercises perfect for wrist pain relief & wrist rehabilitation.


Getting Powerball Started


Track your wrist rehab & strength gains

Powerballs battery free LCD meter uses magnetic energy created by the spinning Powerball rotor. This will allow you to track your wrist rehabilitation progress and push yourself along during your recovery period.

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Recommended Equipment

Choose the powerful, handheld gyroscopic hand exerciser that’s right for you.

  • Power Gripper Adjustable Hand Strengthener 5-50kg

  • Autostart Classic Auto-Start, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Autostart Pro Auto-Start, Speed Meter, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Autostart Pro Strength-Pack Perfect strengthening pack for your fingers, hands, wrists & arms.

Watch Exercises

Practice these short, physio-designed rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

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