Shoulder Pain Treatment Made Easy

Shoulder Pain Treatment the Powerball Way

Our Powerball products have been at the forefront of isometric strengthening and rehabilitation for over 20 years. Each one of our Powerball models (you can see our full selection in-store) as well as our best-selling upper body exerciser, Powerspin, are highly effective in treating persistent shoulder problems and pain.

Effective Recovery from Shoulder Pain

The reason Powerball and Powerspin are so effective is because they provide both powerful muscle strengthening and rehabilitation at the same time. With physiotherapy, a large proportion of shoulder rehabilitation is isometric and physio programmes will often include exercises, such as pushing your shoulder against a door frame or wall, etc. Isometric-resistance exercises are so commonly used in physiotherapy because they are non-impact and promote recovery. Powerball and Powerspin replicate this type of resistance exercise, but in a far more efficient manner that does not place any strain on your shoulder joints or muscles.

A Little Bit About Powerball

Depending on the model you choose, a Powerball will weigh between 300 and 500 grams and despite only being the size of a tennis ball, it can generate over 60 times its weight in isometric resistance, simply by turning your wrists. Powerballs are encased in a metal or polycarbonate shell and are a type of gyroscope (gyroscopes can also be found in planes, spaceships and robots). Powerball is different from a standard gyroscope, however, as it harnesses the power of its spinning rotor for rehabilitation and strengthening purposes. Combine Powerball with our specific exercise programmes and effectively target pain in your shoulder and its surrounding muscle area. Our video and exercise instructions can be found on this page.


A Little Bit About Powerspin

Powerspin is an upper body exerciser like no other and can create limitless resistance depending on your fitness level. The faster you spin the ball around the tube, the more resistance Powerspin generates making it a highly-effective device for treating shoulder pain. Start by gently spinning the ball around inside the tube for only a couple of minutes each day and slowly build the intensity as you progress through your recovery. One customer accurately described Powerspin as a “treadmill for your arms and shoulder” – and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Powerspin is a 100% non-impact form of exercise as no shoulder movement is required to effectively heal and strengthen the muscles in your shoulders.


How Powerball & Powerspin Relieve Shoulder Pain

  • Cuts rehabilitation times – strengthens muscles & tendons & relieves shoulder pain.
  • Helps shoulder co-contraction – exercise with our products stabilises the shoulder joint.
  • Increases shoulder joint flexibility & mobility.
  • Repairs scarred tissues – cures & prevents repetitive strain injuries which are the causes of a large proportion of shoulder injuries.
  • Increases blood flow dramatically – turbocharges the healing process.
  • 100% non-impact isometric resistance – no strain and all gain.

Powerball Shoulder Pain Exercises

Not only are our physio-designed shoulder rehabilitation programmes comprehensive and easy to follow, but they will also provide you with a clearly-structured recovery path that tackles shoulder pain head-on. We offer five different exercise programmes with accompanying videos that target various muscle groups in the shoulder for fast and effective rehabilitation and recovery. Below you will find just one example of a video from our extensive rehabilitation programme – a full list of videos and exercise instructions can be found at the bottom of the page or in the videos section. Spend as little as 1-2 minutes a day on each exercise and experience immediate pain relief and improved overall flexibility in the shoulder joint.



Powerspin Shoulder Pain Exercises

We have designed two separate Powerspin exercise videos and rehabilitation programmes that you can follow in order to target all of the individual muscle groups in and around the shoulder, effectively strengthening these areas as well as relieving pain. We recommend spending as little as 2-3 minutes a day on each exercise to feel immediate pain relief and improved flexibility in the shoulder area. Below is an example of one of our easy-to-follow exercise videos. More videos can be found at the bottom of this page or in the videos section of the website.


Non-impact – Effective Results for Shoulder Pain

Using Powerball and Powerspin exercises the shoulder extensors, abductors, flexors and shoulder external rotators in a non-impact, highly-efficient way that cuts rehabilitation times dramatically, while simultaneously building shoulder strength and flexibility. Unlike traditional weight-lifting exercises, Powerball generates 100% non-impact isometric resistance that effectively rehabilitates the shoulder muscles for visible, long-term results.

Reasons for Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is a highly complex joint that is particularly susceptible to injury. As it is capable of performing an extensive range of movements, the shoulder relies on a complex group of strong muscles, tendons and ligaments (rotator cuff) to maintain stability and prevent it from moving and sliding around in its socket.

However, injury and/or overuse during work or sport can lead to the stretching & tearing of these ligaments, rendering them too loose to sufficiently keep the shoulder in position. This causes it to become unstable and leads to irritation and pain in the shoulder blades.

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