Preventing heavy work related injury & RSI

Try what Physiotherapists recommend

Pain and injuries from repetitive movements in jobs with heavy manual labour can be debilitating and even threaten a persons livelihood in severe cases. Find out why Powerball has helped over 4 million people worldwide. Stay healthy and strong from fingertip to shoulder with Powerballs unique isometric exercise.

What Causes Repetitive Strain Injuries

Mechanics tightening wrenches from awkward positions; assembly-line operators repeating identical tasks over and over; weight lifters targeting the same muscle; construction workers…fishermen…farmers – many jobs result in daily overuse of body parts leading to micro-tearing in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Cumulative tearing over time leads to inflammation in the soft tissue – scar tissue forms, blood flow reduces and stiffness with restricted joint movement brings pain and discomfort in the wrists and arms.

How Powerball aids RSI’s

Powerball has physio designed non-impact resistance programmes, which performed daily, helps prevent such soft tissue inflammation by increasing strength and flexibility in the muscles & joints through non-impact resistance; a 2-minute spin significantly enhances blood flow and synovial fluid production right throughout the arm & wrist and builds endurance to help sustain ongoing work activities.

9 Reasons why Powerball?

  • Cures & protects against RSIs
  • Builds endurance and stamina
  • Strengthens/stretches muscles & tendons
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Repairs scarred tissues
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Non-impact – Isometric resistance exercise
  • Physio designed rehab exercises
  • Physio designed rehab programmes


Physio Approved. Customer Tested.

  • Approved by physios and Chiropractors
  • Fun to use
  • 1000’s of five-star reviews
  • Over 4 million sold worldwide

Customer Review

Recommended Equipment

Choose the powerful, handheld gyroscopic hand exerciser that’s right for you.

  • 280 Classic Cord-Start, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Autostart Pro Auto-Start, Speed Meter, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Titan Autostart Pro Auto-Start, Free Carry Case, Oversized Aluminum Shell, Heavyweight Zinc Rotor, Drop Resistant, 20,000rpm

  • Diablo Evo Autostart Pro Auto-Start, Carry Case, Zinc Rotor, Stainless Steel Chrome Finish, Speed Meter, 20,000rpm+

Watch Exercises

Practice these short, physio-designed rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

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