Knitting Carpal Tunnel or RSI's

Knitting Repetitive Strain Injuries

Knitting carpal tunnel and related RSI’s are commonplace; whether you’re looking to relieve finger, wrist or elbow pain caused by knitting or to increase your knitting stamina, Powerball has become the knitter’s best friend!

Knitting Pain

Knitters and crocheters can suffer from all manner of pains associated with, or aggravated by, their needlework; these include finger pain, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), ‘knitter’s wristor any type of repetitive strain injury (RSI) any of which can occur directly from the repetitive motion of knitting – Powerball brings immediate relief and helps to guard against these dreaded pains and injuries which are all too common among knitting enthusiasts.

Reduce Stiffness

Traditionally, Knitters have been using gloves and braces to try and rehabilitate the discomfort but this only serves to mask the symptoms without actually getting to the root cause. Spinning Powerball however, increases muscular control and blood flow in the arms, hands and wrists which in turn reduces pain and stiffness for existing sufferers while also strengthening the muscles and joints to help prevent against future issues.

Physio Exercises

In fact, using Powerball daily for as little as 3 minutes will give instant relief to users and this can be done before, after or during breaks in knitting. Additionally, Powerball has a range of physio designed non-impact resistance programmes & videos which can be followed daily if preferred, to help provide relief to any RSI/ pains associated with knitting. A selection of the most popular programmes can be seen below (for a full list, please see our videos section in the menu bar above).

How Powerball Works

Powerball efficiently stretches, strengthens and increases flexibility in the muscles, joints & fascia (connective tissue fibres) right throughout the arm, helping to fully warm up the limbs before knitting, while also enhancing the range of motion in the elbow and wrists and help to significantly reduce any existing inflammation via increased blood flow – all of which keeps you pain free and strong from fingertip to shoulder.


At Powerball, we are passionate about the instant benefits that Powerball gives and so are our customers. Selling for over 20 years, we have 1000’s of five-star reviews online with our products recommended by everyone from physios to climbers to knitters. See what some of our customers have said about Powerball at the bottom of the page.

Rehab & Strengthening Programme

3 simple steps


Select Equipment

Choose the powerful, handheld gyroscopic hand exerciser that’s right for you.


Watch Exercises

Practice these short, physio-designed rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

Finger Flexors and Extensors

Download Programme

Forearm Pronators and Supinators

Download Programme

Wrist Flexors and Extensors

Treating Tennis Elbow – Lateral Epicondylitis


Follow Guidelines

Extensive, easy to follow exercise guidelines to help with your rehab and strengthening.

Week 1:
An initial workout of 3 x 30 seconds spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated on alternate days. Use your first session to establish the RPM at which you are challenged but can still maintain a solid grip on the ball.
Week 2: 3 x 30 second spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated daily.
Week 3:3 x 60 second spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated on alternate days
Week 4: 3 x 60 second spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated daily.

Initial spin speed is determined by your personal strength and fitness level as well as whether you’re using the ball to rehabilitate a pre-existing injury or to help build muscle strength - always begin conservatively until you fully establish the spin speed at which your muscles are being challenged yet can still maintain a solid grip on the ball.

Progress is achieved by increasing duration and spin speed in conjunction with a regular exercise schedule. Should you experience any discomfort while exercising with Powerball® or Powerspin®, speak to your doctor or other qualified healthcare practitioner to get the best advice and support.

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