Pain from playing Guitar? Treat RSI's from Guitar play

Why are there pains from Guitar Play?

Guitar can be a pain, carpal tunnel and related repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) from playing can be a common occurrence. Stay healthy from fingertip to shoulder while playing guitar with Powerball!

Guitar Wrist’ and repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel from guitar playing can strike both professional and amateur guitar players alike. The strain that wrists, fingers and upper limbs are under from guitar playing can take it’s toll. This pain should not be ignored as it can develop into more serious problems that can stop people from playing altogether. Feeling hot, cold, tingling or needles can be the first sign of nerve damage that needs to be treated. Building muscle strength around the ligaments and tendons that support the wrists, fingers and elbows is the best way to prevent guitar based RSI’s.

How Powerball Works?

Wrists and fingers source their strength & flexibility from the forearm’s powerful extensor / flexor muscles. The Isometric exercise Powerball provides strengthens these muscles and adds endurance like no other product. Powerball increases blood flow and promotes the production of synovial Fluid

Repair & Strengthen

There is a reason that climbers have been using Powerball for decades. Powerball is both a rehabilitation product and strengthening product, so whether you wish to recover from a guitar based RSI / ‘guitar wrist’ or are looking to play for longer Powerball is the perfect device. Using Powerball for as little as 3 minutes daily will show improvements relive pain relief and allow to play for longer. Powerball has also physio designed exercise videos for treatment and strengthening of the fingers, wrist and arm (see related videos on this page, full list above in videos tab).


Powerball has 1000’s of online five-star reviews and is recommended by physios throughout the world.  See what some of our guitar playing customers have said about Powerball at the bottom of the page.

Rehab & Strengthening Programme

3 simple steps


Select Equipment

Choose the powerful, handheld gyroscopic hand exerciser that’s right for you.


Watch Exercises

Practice these short, physio-designed rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

Finger Flexors and Extensors

Download Programme

Wrist Flexors and Extensors

Download Programme

Forearm Pronators and Supinators


Follow Guidelines

Extensive, easy to follow exercise guidelines to help with your rehab and strengthening.

Week 1:
An initial workout of 3 x 30 seconds spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated on alternate days. Use your first session to establish the RPM at which you are challenged but can still maintain a solid grip on the ball.
Week 2: 3 x 30 second spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated daily.
Week 3:3 x 60 second spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated on alternate days
Week 4: 3 x 60 second spin sessions with a 1 minute break between each, repeated daily.

Initial spin speed is determined by your personal strength and fitness level as well as whether you’re using the ball to rehabilitate a pre-existing injury or to help build muscle strength - always begin conservatively until you fully establish the spin speed at which your muscles are being challenged yet can still maintain a solid grip on the ball.

Progress is achieved by increasing duration and spin speed in conjunction with a regular exercise schedule. Should you experience any discomfort while exercising with Powerball® or Powerspin®, speak to your doctor or other qualified healthcare practitioner to get the best advice and support.

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