Rehabilitate a sprained, broken or fractured wrist with Powerball 

powerball, fractured wrist, wrist sprainsPowerball is a revolutionary device for effective strengthening and rehabilitation. Start spinning Powerball to quickly and efficiently recover from a sprained, broken or fractured wrist and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle once more. Discover the benefits of Powerball for yourself today:

✔ Regain
muscle mass

✔ Heal with non-impact resistance

✔ Reduce recovery times

✔ Prevent future wrist sprains & breaks


Sprained or broken wrist rehab made simple with Powerball

Out of the millions of broken bone injuries that occur every year, a broken or fractured wrist is among the most common. This is no surprise, of course, since the wrist is one of the most active joints in the body. We rely on our wrists to greatly extend the mobility of our hands and fingers and so a wrist injury, such as a sprained or fractured wrist, can have a massively-negative impact on everyday life. Keeping your wrists in top shape is easy with Powerball. All it takes is 3 minutes a day to maintain strong and healthy wrists and benefit from active injury prevention. Spinning Powerball gently rehabilitates a sprained, broken or fractured wrist and provides effective strengthening to greatly reduce the chances of sustaining the same injury again.

Start your recovery with Powerball and experience the difference for yourself in just a few days.


+ Regain strength & muscle mass

Muscle wastage (atrophy) is an inevitable side effect from a sprained or broken/fractured wrist. As your wrist heals in a cast, the muscles surrounding the injury are not engaged and begin to waste away. Once your broken or fractured wrist has healed, it is important that you start regaining muscle mass by practicing regular strength training. Spinning Powerball for just 3 minutes a day is enough to effectively build muscle from fingertip to shoulder.

+ Non-impact healingwrist sprains, autostart powerball, fractured wrist

Even if your break or fracture has healed, your wrist will still be weak once you remove your cast. Spinning Powerball generates 100% non-impact isometric resistance, which places absolutely zero strain on sore or weak ligaments or bones. With this in mind, you need never worry about over-exerting yourself or worsening your injury when you exercise with Powerball.

+ Reduce recovery times

Powerball’s dual action of strengthening and rehabilitation is what sets it apart from other exercise devices. Spinning Powerball allows you to strengthen as you recover, which helps your ligaments and bones to heal faster. A sprained or fractured wrist can really only heal itself over time, however using Powerball supercharges the healing process, cutting rehabilitation times and ensuring long-lasting results. You really have to spin this incredible gyroscope to feel the difference – pick up a Powerball and experience the benefits for yourself in just a matter of days.

fractured wrist, powerball for golf,+ Prevent wrist sprains & fractures

Continuing to use Powerball on a regular basis even after you have fully recovered from a sprained or fractured wrist is a great way to maintain muscle mass and joint health. Its compact size makes it easy to spin Powerball on the go, in the car or at the office. Regular strengthening sessions with Powerball will ensure your wrists remain healthy and strong, greatly reducing the risk of sustaining another sprained or fractured wrist in the future.

All it takes is 5 minutes a day to benefit from Powerball’s long-lasting effects and keep yourself protected from fingertip to shoulder.

Physio-designed programmes

Here at Powerball, we’ve worked closely with physical therapists and sports injury professionals to design helpful exercise videos with your recovery in mind. Check out the range of video programmes on our videos page or watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to wrist rehab and strengthening.



Sprained, broken or fractured wrist?

fractured wrist, wrist sprainsThe wrist is made up of eight small bones (carpal bones) which are each connected to two long forearm bones; the radius and the ulna. A break/fracture can occur in any of these bones, however the most common bone to break is the radius. This type of break is called a ‘distal radius fracture’ or ‘Colles’ fracture’.

Fractures and breaks mean the same thing and may occur when a severe force impacts the bone, causing it to split or break. Impact injuries are the biggest cause of wrist sprains or breaks/fractures, however weak bones are may be more prone to such injuries.

Wrist sprains occur when the ligaments that connect the bones become stretched or torn.A sprain is usually the result of a person falling directly onto their outstretched hand. Whether you’re suffering from a sprained or fractured wrist, both injuries are quite serious and can take months to rehabilitate. You should always seek medical attention if you think you may be suffering from one of these injuries. Your doctor may perform an x-ray to ensure that no permanent damage has been done. If you are suffering from fractured wrist, your doctor will most likely secure the joint with a cast to keep the bone in place as it heals.

Scaphoid fractures

Of the eight carpal bones that make up the wrist, the scaphoid carpal bone is most frequently prone to fractures. Scaphoid fractures are the second most common type of wrist fracture after a distal radius fracture. The scaphoid bone is located at the base of the thumb and is responsible for motion and stability in the wrist joint. Like other types of wrist fractures, a scaphoid fracture can be painful and it is important to seek medical treatment if you think you may be suffering from this injury. Exercising with Powerball on a regular basis is highly effective in rehabilitating all of the bones in the wrist joint, including the scaphoid bone. Take control of your recovery and start rehabilitating with Powerball today. Cut recovery times and prevent future injury – the power is in your hands.

Start spinning with Powerball today to experience the incredible benefits of this unique gyroscope. Check out the range of models in-store for more information.


wrist sprains, fractured wrist

Helpful videos:

How to Start Autostart Powerball


What Does the Physio Say?

Colm Murphy is an IAPT physical therapist, lecturer in anatomy & professional tennis coach. Colm is an expert in rehabilitation, musculoskeletal anatomy & analysis and he designed our rehabilitation & strengthening programmes.


LCD Speed Meter -Track Your Rehab Progress

The battery-free LCD meter fitted to selected Powerball models is magnetic-induction and powered directly by Powerball’s spinning rotor. This allows you to track spin-speed progress during your recovery period and/or monitor strength gains if using Powerball to build strength and endurance.



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