Fast & effective elbow pain treatment with Powerball

elbow pain treatment, powerballElbow pain is not usually very serious, but because we rely on our elbow for so many different movements, it can still be incredibly frustrating. What’s more, because the elbow is such a complex joint, it can often be difficult to pinpoint which exact movement is causing you pain. But whether it’s the muscle, tendon or bone, you can rely on Powerball to bring immediate relief to any form of elbow pain. Rehabilitate, strengthen and prevent injury with Powerball today – the ideal exercise device for fast and effective elbow pain treatment.

Discover for yourself why over 4 million people worldwide have benefited from using Powerball:

✔ Immediate pain relief

✔ Non-impact elbow pain treatment

✔ Strengthen as you recover

✔ Prevent future injury


Elbow pain treatment made simple with Powerball

Powerball is a revoultionary exercise device unlike anything you’ve ever picked up. Spin it fast or spin it slow – there are are myriad of benefits to gain at any speed.

+ Immediate elbow pain relief

Experience effective elbow pain treatment and relief in seconds simply by exercising with Powerball. Powerball generates isometric resistance as you spin it – and the faster you spin Powerball, the more resistance it creates. This resistance works its way along the entire kinetic chain of the arm, delving deep into muscle and tendon tissue and driving circulation to the elbow joint. This increase in circulation carries oxygen and healing nutrients to any inflamed or sore areas in the elbow where they immediately soothe and relieve pain. Start to feel like you again – get back to a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle with Powerball.

elbow pain treatment, powerball
+ Strengthen as you recover

Its dual action of rehabilitation and strengthening is what makes Powerball so unique. At the start of your recovery, spin Powerball at slow speeds to benefit from effective elbow pain treatment and rehabilitation. As Powerball’s isometric resistance acts fast to repair and rejuvenate damaged muscle tissue, it also engages your muscles to actively strengthen as you recover. And as your symptoms begin to fade, you can gradually increase your Powerball spin speed.

Rehabilitation + strengthening = short recovery times and long-term results.

+ Non-impact elbow pain treatment

Best of all, exercise with Powerball is 100% non-impact, meaning it does not place any strain on injured elbow joints. What’s more, isometric exercise with Powerball engages a much higher percentage of muscle fibres than standard isotonic exercise does. This allows you to recover much more quickly with long-term results and absolutely zero pain. With this in mind, you need never worry about over-exerting yourself or worsening your injury when you exercise with Powerball.

+ Prevent future injury

Even after you have fully recovered from your injury, we recommend continuing to use Powerball on a regular basis to benefit from continual injury prevention. Think of it as an extra layer of body armour for your elbow joint – exercise with Powerball maintains muscle and joint health to keep you strong and injury-free. All it takes is 5 minutes a day to greatly lower your risk of injury and prevent pain from reoccurring in the elbow.


Physio-designed exercises for elbow pain treatment

Powerball, Powerball diablo, elbow pain treatmentHere at Powerball, we’ve worked closely with physical therapists and sports injury professionals to design helpful exercise videos for elbow pain treatment. Check out the range of video programmes on our videos page or click on the links below for a step-by-step guide to elbow rehab and strengthening.

Elbow Flexors Programme 

Elbow Extensors Programme


What does the physical therapist say?

Colm Murphy is an IAPT physical therapist, lecturer in anatomy, & professional tennis coach. Colm is an expert in rehabilitation, musculoskeletal anatomy & analysis and works closely with elite level athletes. Colm designed our rehabilitation & strengthening programmes.

What causes elbow pain?

You may experience elbow pain for a variety of different reasons:

Once-off impact injury: Impact injuries, such as a dislocated elbow, fracture or sprain are usually the result of a sports injury or car accident. These injuries can cause serious elbow pain and should be treated immediately by a doctor.elbow pain treatment, powerball, elbow rehab

Overuse injury:  Constant repetitive movements, such as playing a sport, musical instrument or carrying out repetitive tasks at work can cause inflammation and pain to develop in the elbow joint. RSI (repetitive strain injuries), such as tennis and golfer’s elbow are common conditions caused by overuse that affect the medial and lateral elbow tendons. (Click on the links below to learn more about golfer’s elbow (also known as climber’s elbow) and tennis elbow treatment.)

Golfer’s elbow

Climber’s elbow

Tennis elbow

Disease: Elbow pain may also occur due to diseases, such as arthritis which are present in the elbow. Arthritis will likely cause pain when you bend or straighten the elbow joint. It is recommended that you visit your doctor to get the best advice on effective arthritis and elbow pain treatment.

Powerball Gyroscope – How it works

elbow rehab

With over 4 million sold worldwide, Powerball is the world’s number one gyroscope. Inside the shell of a Powerball is a rotor (green wheel), which spins on an axis. As the rotor spins, it creates resistance, which pushes against your efforts to spin Powerball. The faster you spin Powerball, the more resistance it creates and the harder it becomes to spin. This resistance is non-impact and 100% isometric, making it perfect for rehabilitation, strengthening and elbow pain treatment.

Experience these benefits and more with this unique handheld gyroscope: start spinning with Powerball today and see the incredible difference for yourself. Choose from the wide range of Powerball models and strengthening accessories available in our online store – the Power® is in your hands.


Why Powerball?



Helpful videos:

How to start Powerball

How does Powerball rehabilitate?



Track your progress

Most Powerball models come with a digital speed meter which will count your spin speed (RPMs) and allow you to track your progress as you exercise.  Maximum spin speeds can easily be monitored through endurance mode. This will also motivate you to focus on small gains every day and improve your overall recovery time.

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Recommended Equipment

Choose the powerful, handheld gyroscopic hand exerciser that’s right for you.

  • Autostart Classic Auto-Start, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Autostart Pro Fusion Auto-Start, Multi Colour Rotor LEDs, Speed Meter, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

  • Autostart Pro Auto-Start, Speed Meter, Drop Resistant, 18,000rpm

Watch Exercises

Practice these short, physio-designed rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

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