Powerball®, Usain Bolt and our World Championships;

(Two record breakers, Usain Bolt and Akis Kritsinelis)

(Two record breakers, Usain Bolt and Akis Kritsinelis)

Unfortunately, we have not been able to afford to sponsor Usain Bolt (we have been informed unreliably that he uses Powerball® on a daily basis!) however, in the past we have had our own astonishing world champion Akis Kritsinelis who dominated his competitors for years. Powerball® has been successfully used and loved by a diverse group of individuals for almost two decades. Whether used for rehabilitation, sport, strength, music or gaming etc. Powerball® has changed lives in small or sometimes life-changing ways. On a weekly basis, we receive feedback on how customers have been allowed to continue their passions they thought were cut short due to pain. Most of our customers should be aware of the benefits of Powerball® (We hope!); however, you may or may not have been aware that we also have had World Record Holders and a long history of competition associated with our products. Since 2003 we have recorded the world’s fastest male and female Powerballers.
In order to understand how the Powerball league came to be, I interviewed CEO Rory Mcloughney to explain the origins.

This is what he had to say.


Brett winks endorsement

“I’m a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who also enjoys rock climbing. 7 years ago I fractured my distal radius, as well as damaging the TFCC of my right wrist. After doing some basic rehab on myself, I was able to continue working but experienced regular aching, pain and clicking in my right wrist.

Then I tried Powerball®. After the first week, I noticed definite improvement in how my injured wrist felt and now use it to maintain strength and range-of-motion of both of my wrists and hands. As a physiotherapist, I can appreciate the way Powerball® helps my hand strength and endurance and targets imbalances I have developed in my forearm muscles from working and climbing – the fact that I can exercise these with no compression through my wrists is massively beneficial.”

Brett Winks, Gold Coast, Australia.

See how Powerball is used for strengthening in Rock climbing here. Powerball has long associated with wrist strengthening and grip strength, whether that is for rehab or for general strength and endurance gains.

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