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Cure Drumming Pain & Increase Endurance

Play Longer > Play Harder > Play Healthier

Powerball should be every drummer’s best friend.

As an art form, drumming places exceptional demands on the body. The lifestyle of a performer does not generally promote good health habits; late nights, and likely little time to warm-up all will all eventually conspire to negatively effect a drummers health. Good habits start today, and with Powerball, we can increase your health and enhance your performance!

  • Play faster by building fast twitch muscle reflexes in your fingers
  • Play Longer by increasing your overall strength & drum endurance
  • Warm up and warm down quickly and efficiently with Powerball to stay healthy
  • Relieve & prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • Powerball is an isometric exercise device that strengthens
    • fingers
    • hands
    • wrists
    • arms

Trusted by Physios and Professionals

Used and trusted by professional and amateur drummers around the world, it’s suitable for all skill levels. Used for endurance training and for rehabilitation  Powerball is recommended by physios worldwide to help aid recovery from painful RSI conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis or breaks and fractures. Powerball is;

  • Non-Impact – Gentle for rehabilitation / Perfect for warming up and down
  • Can be High intensity- Powerball can create up to 60+ pounds of force (depends on how hard you push yourself)

How Powerball helps drum endurance/play? 

Isometric training is also a highly efficient method of building muscle endurance.  This helps you play for longer and reduces the risks of repetitive strain injuries in the elbows or wrists following long sessions. In fact, if you’re feeling stiff or sore following after 60 minutes of play, picking up and spinning Powerball for just 2-3 minutes will immediately reduce any discomfort and ensure full recovery prior to your next session – you can call it body armour for the wrists and arms.

What is a Powerball?  

It’s difficult to describe the surreal feeling of the resistance generated by a “live” Powerball until you actually experience it for yourself. However, the tennis ball sized Powerball is a gyroscope – a hollow sphere that encases an internal rotor which spins on its own axis. When that interior rotor is accelerated through the action of turning your wrist in a circular motion, this creates a centrifugal force that works against the user; the faster the rotor spins, the greater the force generated and the harder the person is working. Spinning Powerball increases muscular control and stimulates blood flow, which aids rehabilitation and strengthening of all the muscles which are critical to playing the drums.

Physio Exercises

Using a Powerball for as little as 3 minutes daily will improve a drummer’s endurance while also helping them stay healthy from fingertip to shoulder. A full suite of physio designed strength & endurance exercises are available which target all of the muscle groups needed during play (see on this page below or under videos tab).

Pain from playing Guitar?

Play Longer > Play Harder > Play Healthier

Guitar play can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI) anywhere in the upper limbs but is most common in the wrist. Powerball is body armor for your wrists and upper arms. Used by climbers to build wrist and grip strength it is a revolutionary world class rehabilitation tool from repetitive strain injuries.

Why is there wrist pain from Guitar play?

Guitar can be a pain – carpal tunnel and related repetitive strain injuries (RSI) from playing can be a common occurrence. The repetitive movements associated with guitar play cause damage and tearing to muscles and tendons. These pains can range form the mild up to seriously debilitating which can stop your guitar play completely.

Stop ‘Guitar Wrist’

Guitar Wrist’ and repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel from guitar playing can strike both professional and amateur guitar players alike. The strain that wrists, fingers and upper limbs are under from guitar playing can take it’s toll. This pain should not be ignored as it can develop into more serious problems that can stop people from playing altogether. Feeling hot, cold, tingling or needles can be the first sign of nerve damage that needs to be treated. Building muscle strength around the ligaments and tendons that support the wrists, fingers and elbows is the best way to prevent guitar based RSI’s.

How Powerball Works relieves Repetitive strain injury from Guitar play?

Powerball creates Isometric exercise which is uniquely suited to rehabilitation. Similar to the way the earth rotates on an axis the Powerball has a rotor inside it which spins creating resistance against the user as they turn their wrists. This type of exercise is non-impact so it can be as gentle as you like for rehabilitation. However, it can be high impact up to and incredible 60 + pounds of force when used for strength building when healthy.

Strength & Flexibility

The Isometric resistance Powerball generates strengthens muscles and builds endurance like no other exercise product. Powerball stimulates blood flow and promotes the production of synovial fluid in the wrist and elbow joints, both of which help to greatly reduce the occurrence of inflammation in the surrounding tissue. Powerball both prevents and cures RSI. Powerball is perfect for warming up and down after a long session, however, if it is used for as little as 3 mins daily you will notice an immediate difference in strength and pain relief.

Guitar Wrist pain – Repair & Strengthen

Guitar players have been using Powerball for decades. It is a rehabilitation device and a strengthening product combined. Strengthening damaged muscles and tendons is a key element in your recovery. You will recover from RSI from guitar play, however, another benefit is that your will also increase your strength and endurance as a result also.

Man playing Guitar with Powerball to relieve RSI from guitar

Physio designed Rehabilitation programmes & videos

Using Powerball for as little as 3 minutes daily will help you to pick and strum with greater alacrity; relieve pain; guard against inflammation and allow you to play for longer.  A suite of physio designed exercise videos and programmes are also available for direct treatment and strengthening of the fingers, wrist, and arm (please see related videos on this page or a full list above in videos tab).

Treat RSI’s from Guitar play with Powerball


Musicians should know about how great this thing works to strengthen your fingers.
As a guitar player, grip and finger strength is very important if you want to play the blues
like the late Stevie Ray Vaughan and Powerball definitely, helps you achieve that“

Ivan Baker,

Buenos Aires, Argentina

My PowerBall has increased strength in my fingers and wrist so that I can play guitar
for hours without fatigue! I use it every day.

James Graves,

Tennessee, United States

”I’m a serious Powerballer and train to push my limits, I want to use this opportunity to express

my thanks on how much Powerballing has improved my guitar playing, control, and endurance!“

Hentie Van Loggerenberg,

Pretoria, South Africa

Powerball®, Usain Bolt and our World Championships

Unfortunately we have not been able to afford to sponsor Usain Bolt (we have been informed unreliably that he uses Powerball® on a daily basis!) however, in the past we have had our own astonishing world champion Akis Kritsinelis who dominated his competitors for years.

(Two record breakers, Usain Bolt and Akis Kritsinelis)

Powerball® has been successfully used and loved by a diverse group of individuals for almost two decades. Whether used for rehabilitation, sport, strength, music or gaming etc. Powerball® has changed lives in small or sometimes life changing ways. On a weekly basis we receive feedback on how customers have been allowed to continue their passions they thought were cut short due to pain. Most of our customers should be aware of the benefits of Powerball® (I Hope); however, you may or may not have been aware that we also have had World Record Holders and a long history of competition associated with our products. Since 2003 we have recorded the world’s fastest male and female Powerballers.

In order to understand how the Powerballs league came about I interviewed CEO Rory Mcloughney to explain the origins. 

What is this Plastic Ball?

‘At first we were targeting Powerball as a sport and fitness product, Padraig Harrington endorsed it in 1998 just after he won the world cup of golf. We thought this was the direction to go, however, at first people didn’t take them seriously. A little small plastic ball, no one knew what a hand gyroscope was. We slowly started getting the product out there. The First place to come on board was; it was one of the first Gadget shops online and they started buying more and more and more. We realised then it was also seen as a gadget not just a sports product. As the product allows you hit the ball further and is great for wrist and arm strengthening we sent it to around 100 golf professionals in Ireland. They were either too lazy or didn’t take the product seriously still! However at this point it had really taken off online.’

Padraig Harrington Poster

Padraig Harrington Poster

Padraig Harrington With Powerball

Padraig Harrington With Powerball

What is a Good Score?

Powerball Counter Imager

LCD Counter

‘People had started to send in their scores into us. They were emailing saying ‘I got 10,000 is this a good score?’, ‘I got 12,000 is this a good score?’ and so on. We decided to put up a top 100 scoreboard and it grew from there. It took a while to fill the first 100 slots and then it became very popular and for the first six months anyone who got over 14,000RPM’s was a Powerball God!! 14,000 then became nearly the norm to enter the top 100. I think the top 300 hundred positions were all over 14,000 which is seriously hard to do. In the end we had to give a prize for the top score and the highest improver in a month.’

Please put that Drill away!

Take your drill away from your Powerball

The scores were coming in thick and fast and we had to moderate them eventually. People had to send in videos showing them doing it when they were getting up to the Top 100. People could use Photoshop and people were getting magnets and attaching them to electric drills and spinning it around at high speeds fooling the counter giving them a high score and winning a prize. If you were in contention you had to submit a video showing you doing a score within 5% of what you were submitting. So if you were submitting 16,000 you had to show the score and then video yourself doing a score within 5% which should be no problem as you always get faster.’

World Championship Fever!

‘People were really engaged and this was before Facebook had become what is today and where everyone can just take a video with their camera phone. Maplin sponsored the first Powerball Spin Championships.’

Competitors warming up

Akis and Ronnie O'Sullivan

Akis and Ronnie O’Sullivan

These were held in Kidderminster (UK) in Oct 2007. Competitors and shoppers had a chance to win up to £15,000. A grand prize of £10,000 was offered to anyone who could break the world record with a £5000 prize for the overall winner.

Powerball World Championship Pictures

Powerball World Championship Finalists

World Championships giant screen showing competitors spin speeds

Winner Winner!

‘We went over to Telford in conjunction with the World Snooker Championships and we had a gathering of Powerball Anoraks and enthusiasts! Akis came over from Greece and there were a couple of other characters as well. Another year Amazon sponsored the World Championships in Manchester in the Trafford centre surrounded by thousands of people on a Saturday afternoon. It was a huge big thing; there was a massive arena in the middle of the shopping centre with a huge big screen. We had the balls connected to a computer so we could see the score live as it was happening. It was really good fun over there.’

Slowdown…………………..& Resurrection

‘It then kind of died off a bit as it got too hard for people to get on the boards as the scores were so high for anyone who was starting off. We decided to get rid of the boards but we feel now it is the time to bring them back. We have to have a think about the best way to do it but they will be back. New and Improved! We might have an apocalyptic type restart where the boards are back to zero. Hopefully we’ll get some new people and some of the old competitors will come back.’

No Hulk’s necessary!

Powerball Hulk

Hulk Power!

‘While it is a rehabilitation or sports product people still want to see how they compare to others. It’s not advisable for people who have bad wrists or who are in rehab to be competing obviously! But if you have strong wrists with good fast twist muscles, with a bit of training for a while with a Powerball you can get a good score. You do not need to be some sort of serious body builder to compete.’

Being hulk however would probably help!

‘When Akis started off he was able to get around 13,000. Over the years he managed to get this up to an astonishing 17,000RPM’s. ‘

For the uninitiated Powerballer who can’t imagine what 17,000RPM’s inside your hand feels like what is the equivalent?

‘It’s like having a Ferrari engine inside your hand or having a Formula one engine inside a tennis ball spinning at 283 revolutions a second powered by your hand. There’s a lot going on in there basically! Only Akis can answer that question.’

As you can see from our Powerball top ten competitors they come from different countries and have very varied interests from harpoon gunning to extreme mouse clicking and everything in between.

Male Powerball Record Holders

Male Record Holders

The Male record set by our very own World Champion Akis Kritsinelis (Greece) at an unbelievable 17,015 RPM’s. If you want to watch what it takes to get a Powerball to that speed watch the world record been broken in the video below.

Our Female Champion Nadine De Fortier (South Africa) set the female record at a sensational 13,491.

Female Powerball Record Holders

Female Record Holders

Thanks for reading a short history of how the Power Leagues came about and keep an eye out for their return and join our varied lists of competitors!




Powerall collage of different users

Powerball Family 

Powerball Scoreboards Are Taking Over!!!


Do you think you have what it takes to be named the King of the Powerball Scoreboard? 👑

If the answer is yes, check out this quick video on how you can upload and submit your score to the scoreboard and be in for a chance to win a cool prize.

People’s scores are currently being approved by members of the team so what are you waiting for?

As with anything rules apply so check those out on our site too 😉


Tennis Elbow Exercise/ Lateral Epicondylitis Treatment and Rehabilitation

Tennis Elbow Exercise Made Simple with Powerball

tennis elbow exercise, elbow pain

Finding the correct tennis elbow exercise programme can be a difficult task. Many people have visited physical therapists and doctors to no avail. Luckily, there is Powerball – the world’s number one exercise gyroscope for strengthening and rehabilitation.

In this article, we will show you two tennis elbow exercise treatments that you can do alongside your regular rehabilitation sessions with Powerball.

“Recover fast and get back to enjoying a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle in no time with Powerball.”

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a common type of RSI (repetitive strain injury) that affects the lateral tendons in the elbow. Tennis elbow affects up to 3% of the population and is an overuse injury, generally brought on by activities that involve constant repetitive movements of the arm, elbow and wrist.

Despite the name, tennis elbow more commonly affects office employees, workers involved in manual labour, musicians and other sportspeople. The concentric (shortening of the muscle) and eccentric (lengthening of the muscle) movements involved in these activities cause the tendons in the elbow to become irritated and inflamed over time. This leads to pain when the elbow joint is bent or straightened.

In some cases, tennis elbow can become so severe as to affect your ability to carry out every day activities. For this reason, it is important to take control over your recovery by practicing tennis elbow exercise treatments and strengthening techniques.

tennis elbow exercise, tennis elbow, powerball

Tennis Elbow Exercise Treatments

There are three types tennis elbow exercise treatments that people suffering from the condition can carry out.

1. Eccentric exercises
2. Concentric exercises
3. Isometric exercises

All three types of exercises are proven to be highly beneficial for tennis elbow sufferers.

1. Eccentric tennis elbow exercise treatment: water bottle exercise

tennis elbow exercise, tennis elbow, powerball

Take a large bottle and fill it with water. It is recommended that stronger people (those used to regular strength training) start with 2 litres (2kg), while people with less experience with weight lifting start with 1 litre (1kg). As you regain strength in your elbow, you can gradually increase the weight of the water bottle.

Supporting your arm on the armrest of a chair, slowly bend your wrist downwards and upwards 15 times while holding the water bottle. Continue this exercise 3 times daily (15 reps x 3).

This tennis elbow exercise is a basic static exercise which will help lengthen, elongate and stretch the muscles in your arms, while also building strength.

This same exercise can also be carried out by raising the bottle upwards in concentric movements however, studies have found this to be less effective.

2. Concentric tennis elbow exercise treatment: dumbbell exercise

Start with a 1- or 2lb dumbbell depending on your level of strength.

Sit on a chair next to a table that has an edge or an overhang.

Bend the elbow to 90 degrees and grip the dumbbell with your palm facing the floor. Slowly lower the weight with your wrist, then lift it back up towards the ceiling. Beware that this exercise can be painful. You should always take care not to over-exert yourself, as you risk worsening your condition.

tennis elbow exercise, tennis elbow, powerball

Repeat these repetitions with the weight 10 times or until:

a) it becomes too painful

b) you don’t have the strength to continue

tennis elbow exercise, tennis elbow, powerball

Take a few minutes of rest and then fully straighten your elbow, so that it is lying flat across the table (you might have to lean over the table or crouch next to it).

Slowly lower and raise the weight 10 times or until it is too painful/you don’t have the strength to continue. (Again, remember to never overexert yourself as you risk worsening your injury.)

Once 10 repetitions have become easy to do and you no longer feel any pain, increase the weight of the dumbbell by 1- or 2lb.

Any pain should start to ease around 4-6 weeks. Continue these exercises once a day, 7 days a week for about 3 months. If you do not feel any improvement after 6 weeks, you should consider alternative treatments.

3. Isometric tennis elbow exercise treatment: Powerball exercise

Isometric exercise is extremely effective for the treatment of tennis elbow. This is due to the non-impact nature of isometric training. Eccentric and concentric tennis elbow exercise treatments can be very painful, especially for chronic sufferers. Isometric exercise on the other hand is 100% non-impact, meaning it does not place any additional strain or pressure on already-damaged tendons and muscles and is thus, 100% pain-free.

Why is Isometric Exercise So Effective?

Concentric and eccentric exercises involve the shortening and lengthening of your muscles. Your tendons connect muscle to bone and therefore, work very hard when you carry out a concentric/eccentric exercise, such as bicep curls, for example. Isometric exercise is different. It does not involve the shortening/lengthening of muscles and so puts no pressure on inflamed or painful tendons in the elbow.

tennis elbow exercise, powerball, powerball 280Hz autostart fusion

Powerball is a simple, handheld gyroscope and one of the world’s best isometric exercisers. For this reason it is a highly-effective exercise device for the rehabilitation of tennis elbow and is recommended by physicians across the globe for a fast, long-term recovery.

Why is Powerball So Effective for Tennis Elbow Exercise Treatment?

Powerball generates isometric resistance as you spin it. The faster you spin Powerball, the more isometric resistance it creates.

How fast or slow you spin Powerball depends on how quickly you turn your wrists. And whether you spin it at slow or fast speeds, you will immediately begin to feel Powerball’s healing isometric resistance working its way along your entire arm, soothing pain in your elbow and combating the symptoms of tennis elbow. (It is recommended that you start with a low level of resistance at the beginning of your recovery, and gradually increase speed as you grow stronger.)

Scientifically Proven – Powerball for Tennis Elbow Treatment

In the last few years, two university research studies have been published, each demonstrating the benefits of Powerball exercise on tennis elbow sufferers. Both research studies test the results of Powerball use on a group of participants over a 4 and 8 week period respectively and show how exercising with this powerful device can effectively rehabilitate and treat this condition.

You can read more about the results of these studies in our blog post here, or on the respective journal websites:

The Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies – Powerball Study 1

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science – Powerball Study 2

tennis elbow exercise, powerball exercise, powerball research study

How Does Powerball’s Isometric Resistance Rehabilitate Tennis Elbow?

Powerball offers a myriad of benefits to anyone that spins it, but probably the best and most simple reason to exercise with Powerball is the fact that it does not put any strain on damaged tendons or muscles (it is fully isometric). 80-85% of people will, in fact, heal themselves of tennis elbow without medical intervention – it just takes a bit of time. Spinning Powerball simply speeds up this process. There’s no trick to it. Just spin Powerball for as little as 3 minutes a day to see a significant cut in recovery times.

But Really, How Exactly Does Powerball Speed Up Recovery Times?

1. By Boosting Circulation

Powerball’s isometric resistance massively increases circulation right throughout the entire upper limb from finger tip to shoulder. This happens because the resistance Powerball generates while spinning pushes firmly against your efforts to spin it. Even at low spin speeds, circulation is increased massively. This boost in circulation brings oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to injured and sore tendons in the elbow. Here, these nutrients act fast to relieve pain and repair any damage or tears in the tendon tissue, supercharging the healing process.

2. By Reducing Stiffness

Exercising with Powerball increases the production of synovial fluid, which lubricates the elbow joint. This allows the joint to move more freely and affords you better joint circumduction (range of motion). Reduce stiffness, increase flexibility – it’s as simple as picking up a Powerball.

tennis elbow exercise, powerball, elbow pain

3. By Strengthening As You Recover

Powerball is a world-class strengthening device used by millions of sportspeople to build strength and endurance in their upper-body limbs. All of the muscles in your forearm become engaged as Powerball’s isometric resistance pushes back against your efforts to spin it. This in turn, effectively trains your muscles and tendons, strengthening them as they recover. This active combination of strengthening and rehabilitation is the secret to Powerball, as it results in short recovery times and long-lasting tennis elbow rehabilitation.

4. By Preventing Muscle Wastage

If you experience pain when you try to move or bend your elbow joint, then you will likely try to avoid using the elbow at all. However, the underuse of a joint like this will only result in more problems – one of these being muscle wastage (atrophy). Powerball effectively prevents atrophy by engaging your muscles as you recover.

Maintaining joint health and muscle mass as you rehabilitate tennis elbow has never been easier. Best of all, because isometric resistance is pain-free, you can enjoy the benefits of strengthening, without ever feeling the pain of overexertion.

Tennis elbow exercise treatments +


Use an ice pack to help reduce any inflammation in the elbow.


Take a break from activities that may possibly be causing your RSI. Continuing to practice such activities can only serve to worsen your tennis elbow.


Visit a physio if possible, however self-massage is also sufficient. Tennis elbow can cause tearing of the forearm muscles (supinators & pronators), which may need deep tissue massage to resolve.

Physio-Designed Tennis Elbow Exercise Treatment Programmes

Here at Powerball, we’ve worked alongside physiotherapists and sports injury professionals to design a comprehensive rehabilitation programme with your recovery in mind. You can view and download the full tennis elbow exercise programme here.

Alternatively, you can watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to tennis elbow exercise. A full list of exercise videos can be found on our videos page.


Following this short programme with your Powerball for just 2-3 times per week will greatly assist in reversing the symptoms of tennis elbow. This is achieved through stimulating significantly-improved blood flow into the arm, stretching out and lengthening the forearm extensor muscle. This takes pressure off the connecting tendon easing the pain.  All of which helps reduce inflammation in the tendon itself and increases overall range of movement at the elbow joint. Relief will be immediate. You can check out our tennis elbow page here for more information.

tennis elbow exercise
Step 1 – To begin

Grip Powerball firmly between thumb and four digits, making sure Powerball is seated securely in the palm of the hand (see figure 2).
Start your Powerball in the usual manner and accelerate up to a comfortable spin speed. If you don’t know how, check out the ‘Getting Started’ page on website for videos and instructions. It is very important that you spin only with your wrist and not the arm – rotating clockwise or anticlockwise as preferred.

tennis elbow exercise, powerball, powerball exercise

Spin speed is determined by your personal strength and fitness level as well as the severity of your condition. The purpose here is not to strengthen, but to loosen out and warm up the muscle tissue by bringing about increased blood flow in the limb. Therefore, rhythmic, slower spins of 2-3 minutes in duration (or longer if you prefer) are preferable to short, faster spinning for this specific program.

Faster spinning produces more resistance requiring the wrist flexor and extensor muscles to work harder while gripping. This is useful for the purposes of strengthening healthy muscle tissue but not beneficial in this instance where there is likely to be a
on accumulation of scar tissue and inflammation.  Excess resistance is, therefore, to be avoided during this rehabilitation phase, thus slower spinning is preferable.

Note: It is recommended that you wear a light, skin-tight garment to help reduce possible friction on the skin during the following steps.

Step 2 – Tennis elbow exercise treatment: pre-massage warm-up process

Once the entire forearm has been sufficiently warmed up in this way, stop the spinning rotor and place Powerball® into your opposite hand, gripping it firmly.

Using ONLY the FLAT base of your Powerball®, begin to slide it up and down the forearm (as illustrated in figure 3). Use firm, fluid strokes from wrist to elbow, applying gentle downward pressure of the smooth plastic shell surface into the muscle.

You may do this as quickly or slowly as you prefer; your objective here is to warm up and loosen out a tight extensor muscle.  The speed/pressure of the strokes used will always depend on the severity of your own particular RSI condition and tolerance levels.

tennis elbow exercise, powerball, powerball exercise

Step 3 – Deep tissue massage process

Deep tissue/self-massage from wrist to elbow helps reduce extensor muscle tension by breaking down adhesions and surface knots in the actual muscle fibre. Blood flow will have been significantly enhanced during the pre-massage process above and you should now find that the muscle is in a far more pliable, relaxed state and is exerting considerably less pressure on the connecting tendon at the elbow.

Ideally, you would use a professional for some deep tissue massage or use a product that replicates a physio or massage therapist like our own Powerball Deep Tissue Massager.

However, you can also use Powerball and elevate it to 45 degrees so that the curved edge of the shell is the only part in contact with the forearm (figure 4).

tennis elbow exercise, powerball, powerball exercise

Beginning at the wrist, slowly move Powerball up along the forearm toward the elbow. Press down firmly into the belly of the muscle as you go.  Imagine that you’re trying to lengthen the actual muscle, pressing deeper into the tissue with each stroke.

NOTE: Take care AT ALL TIMES to avoid working directly over the tendon itself or any point in the muscle that may already be inflamed.  Sore tendon areas will be far more sensitive to pressure than surrounding muscle tissue. If actual discomfort is experienced, however, simply reduce downward pressure significantly or stop the treatment entirely and allow the area to recover before continuing.

As you proceed, you’ll also likely encounter areas in the muscle that may require more localised pressure. These are trigger points or contraction knots in the muscle fibers.  Through breaking these down by applying firmer pressure with Powerball’s shell can bring particular relief to the tennis elbow condition.

In many cases, the highest relief will be felt by applying suitable pressure to the muscle at a point immediately below where it attaches to the tendon (figure 5).

tennis elbow exercise, powerball, powerball exercise

Step 4 – Stretch it out

It is recommended that you finish each tennis elbow treatment with a light 30-60 second stretching of the wrist area as illustrated in figure 5. This will help to further lengthen out the muscle, taking, even more, pressure off the elbow tendons.

Continue the massage treatment for 3-5 minutes, stretching the arm out periodically in between. If you’re applying sufficient pressure in each stroke, you’ll notice an immediate increase in pain-free range of motion at the elbow joint as tension and pressure in both the muscle and tendon diminish.

tennis elbow exercises, powerball for tennis elbow

Powerball is a highly-effective tennis elbow exercise device that will help to rehabilitate and combat the condition fast. Pick up a Powerball today and experience the incredible benefits for yourself. Choose the perfect Powerball model for you in our online store – the Power® is in your hands.


Tennis Elbow? Problem Solved.

“I got tennis elbow from constantly using my laptop and it was a major issue. It got so bad, I couldn’t lift a glass of water using my right arm, my elbow would just give way. I started some exercise to help strengthen and rebuild but it was hard going, causing me more injury at times.

Tennis elbow exercises rehab Michael Cutler Image

I got really fed up with the pain and having a useless arm, especially since I am right handed, so I went searching online for something better and discovered Powerball®. I used it regularly and it really has given strength back and reduced my pain considerably, a fantastic outcome. It’s all taken only a few weeks so it’s a great result as I suffered for months before this.”

Michael Cutler, Bristol, UK

Wrist Rehabilitation and Strengthening with Powerball

Wrist fracture rehab, Wrist rehab image with sore wrist showing wrist bones

How long does it take to recover after a Wrist Break or  Wrist Fracture?

When you break or fracture your wrist the recovery times can be between about 6 – 8 weeks for a hairline fracture up to anything approaching 6 months for a bad break.

Why Use Powerball to rehabilitate after wrist break/ wrist fracture?

Rehabilitation and strengthening of wrists can be difficult with traditional exercise due to a persons inability to load weight due to wrist pain. Powerball is the world’s most effective way to rehabilitate and strengthen after a wrist fracture or break and it is also the most fun!

A Powerball Gyroscope uses isometric exercise which is low impact allowing you to strengthen even while your wrist is still weak. Multiple studies and tests have been carried out proving the effectiveness of Powerball.

Powerball will cut rehabilitation times bringing you back to full health in the quickest possible time. See what one of our happy customers had to say about the effectiveness of Powerball for his recovery after a wrist break.

The Proven Solution for Wrist Fracture and Breaks

Powerball rehabilitates broken bones up to 50% faster


Jim Harwood, Cycling Instructor, Pembrokeshire, Wales

I am a cycling instructor and travel everywhere by bicycle, so when I broke my wrist in a fall from my bike, I was devastated. Thankfully, A&E were able to manipulate my bones back into position without recourse to pins or plates.

A friend recommended Powerball® and I started with VERY gentle exercise for a couple of minutes, building up strength gradually. The physiotherapy I was given by the NHS was good but basic and my therapist was delighted with the progress I made as a result of Powerball®. My wrist is now back to almost full strength but I still use my Powerball®. I am amazed that something so simple can go from gentle exercise to really powerful exercise as the muscles and tendons start to regain their strength.

What the professionals use!

We also have many physios and chiropractors that use Powerballs to rehabilitate their patients after wrist injuries. Find out why the professionals use Powerball for yourself.


Brett winks endorsement

Brett Winks, Gold Coast, Australia.

I’m a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who also enjoys rock climbing. 7 years ago I fractured my distal radius, as well as damaging the TFCC of my right wrist. After doing some basic rehab on myself, I was able to continue working but experienced regular aching, pain and clicking in my right wrist.

Then I tried Powerball®. After the first week, I noticed definite improvement in how my injured wrist felt and now use it to maintain strength and range-of-motion of both of my wrists and hands. As a physiotherapist, I can appreciate the way Powerball® helps my hand strength and endurance and targets imbalances I have developed in my forearm muscles from working and climbing – the fact that I can exercise these with no compression through my wrists is massively beneficial.

See Powerballs Wrist Rehab page for more details. To purchase a Powerball now and improve your recovery times take your choice from our great selection at We have physio designed exercises and programmes that you can follow aiding your recovery.

4 Main Causes of Wrist Pain


There  are numerous reasons why you may be feeling wrist pain. Detailed in this blog will be 4 of the main causes of wrist pain and the symptoms associated. We will take a look at;

  1. Wrist Tendonitis
  2. Wrist Tenosynovitis
  3. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis
  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Wrist Tendonitis

Wrist Tendonitis Pain Image

Wrist Tendonitis is the inflammation or degeneration/damage of any of the flexor or extensor tendons which cross the wrist joint.

Wrist tendonitis Symptoms include

  • Pain and stiffness of the wrist (Especially in the mornings).
  • Tender Wrist Tendon, painful to touch.
  • Possible visible swelling over the effected tendon area

Causes of wrist tendonitis

Wrist Tendonitis is an overuse condition caused from anything from repetitive movements in sport to your work or even playing a musical instrument.

Wrist Tendonitis Treatment

Please see Powerballs Wrist Tendonitis treatment page.

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Wrist Tenosynovitis & De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

Wrist Tenosynovitis & De Quervain's Tenosynovitis Image

Wrist Tenosynovitis and De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis is tendon sheath inflammation as a result of injuring your tendon within the wrist. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis refers to the sheath below the thumb whereby Tenosynovitis is the sheaths within the wrist. This can also occur due to damage of surrounding muscle and bone around the sheaths. Both are similar in the causes of wrist pain, however it is just the area of pain that differentiates them.

Tenosynovitis Symptoms

  • Joint Stiffness
  • Visible swelling or redness over affected area.
  • Possible fever due to infection although this is uncommon.

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis symptoms

  • Pain is more centred around the base of the thumb
  • Sore when straightening or extending the thumb.
  • Swelling & stiffness also present.

Causes Wrist Tenosynovitis & De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

It is typically a repetitive Strain Injury caused by overuse from lots of writing, typing, assembly line work, etc but can sometimes be from arthritis or even from infections although this is rare.

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis is more common in women. Pregnant women are at a higher risk as hormonal changes can cause the inflammation.

Wrist Tenosynovitis Treatment

Please see Powerballs Wrist Tenosynovitis treatment page.


Emily Jacklin, Lincolnshire, UK

I’m a drummer who was suffering with De Quervains Tenosynivitis. Since I started using Powerball®, I have found that my symptoms have dramatically improved. Not only has it been a huge help to me when playing the drums, but in every day situations at work I notice a huge difference in the way my wrists feel.

While drumming before I started using Powerball® my wrists would feel tired and give me a numb/pins & needles sensation from my wrist to the end of my thumb, leading me to believe I might drop my drumsticks. Since I started warming up with Powerball® before I practice however, all tiredness and tingling have disappeared. I’m so happy I purchased this product.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition affecting the hand and fingers due to compression of a median nerve where it passes over the carpal bones through a passage at the front of the wrist.

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms include

The symptoms typically occur gradually increasing in severity. The early signs can show up as numbness and tingling that comes and goes.

Loss of Strength

Carpal Tunnel syndrome can result in loss of strength in the hand’s and thumbs, dropping objects and problems with gripping may result.

Numbness & Tingling

The temporary numbness that is an early sign of Carpal Tunnel syndrome can become a more constant symptom in the fingers and the hand. The numbness and tingling can travel up your arm towards the elbow and a feeling of an electric shock may be felt in the fingers.

The numbness and tingling due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is most common in the index, middle and ring finger. If you have these symptoms but these do not occur in the little finger this is a very good indication that carpal tunnel syndrome is the cause. A different nerve then the Median nerve gives feeling to the little finger.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by the squeezing or pressure of the Median nerve. Wrist fractures, arthritis or obesity can be specific reasons that squeezing of the nerve can occur, however, there is typically not one factor that causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but a combination of reasons.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Please see Powerballs Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment page. Powerball is highly effective in both non surgical and post surgical rehab of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 


Carpal Tunnel Endorsement Razan

Razvan Turcase, Timis, Romania

“When I was 24, I started feeling an acute pain in my right wrist especially when I tried to exercise. My doctor told me I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and would need surgery.

I started looking for other forms of exercise that could help with my problem and purchased a Powerball®. After a few months of use, the numbness in my fingers decreased a lot. It’s now been 3 years since I’m using Powerball® and the numbness has disappeared. I recently started climbing and can feel a huge difference – before Powerball® I couldn’t open a bottle of soda with my right hand and now I climb on the wall almost without problems, thank you guys!”



Powerball Arm Rehab

If you are looking for effective arm rehab from a break or fracture then Powerball is essential to aid your recovery. Powerball will help you cut recovery times significantly and stop muscle wastage due to inactivity while regaining your full strength. Recommended by physios and chiropractors and approved by customers in almost every country on the planet find out for yourself why Powerball is so effective.

With over 4 million sold worldwide cut your rehabilitation time by up to 50%

One of the main issues that people face after breaks or fractures is that the arm is to weak to exercise. Traditional weight exercise (isotonic exercise) will be;

  • Too painful
  • Counterproductive
  • Damaging to fragile bones

Powerball is good for arm rehab


Powerballs Isometric exercise will allow you to strengthen during your arm rehab process. Allowing you;

  • prevent weakening of muscles due to to wastage
  • Powerball is fun to use – remove the monotomy of rehab
  • Track your progress with Powerballs LCD speed metre
  • strengthen your arms
  • reduce rehab times – up to 50% with arm breaks/ following surgery

Weights are bad for arm rehab

See Powerballs arm rehab and strengthening video that was especially designed by a sports & rehabilitation physiotherapist, we have full programme available at

We have had thousands of reviews and testimonials from happy customers. See what some of the people below had to say about using Powerball on a daily basis in there professional lives.

Comments from a Professional Tennis Coach

Tennis Elbow Exercise image

“The repetitive movements of tennis regularly result in wrist, elbow and shoulder strains. 3 years ago one of our players began using a Powerball to help rehabilitate a wrist injury. I was highly sceptical about what this spinning ball could do and so was well surprised when it helped greatly speed their recovery. Since then we’ve been using Powerball for both rehabilitation and strengthening of our player’s arms and wrists.

It takes a little practice to get the movement right but once you perfect the technique and follow a simple programme you will definitely notice a positive difference in days.”

Frans Beckengret, Head Coach,

Rutgers Tennis Academy

Comments from Dr. Aidan W.D. Robinson

My name is Aidan Robinson and I am a Chiropractor in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK.

For the past number of years, I have specialised in the treatment of disabled athletes and motorbike riders.

I find that Powerball works very efficiently to both strengthen grip and rehab arm conditions in both groups of sportsmen. Additionally, I find Powerspin to be highly beneficial for shoulder and upper back rehabilitation.

I personally use both products in my daily strength training sessions and have seen a measurable improvement in my workouts as a result.

Dr. Aidan W.D. Robinson, D.C., M.Sc (Chiro), MRCCSEF, CCEP

ITRM Clinical Director.