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How do I replace the battery in the counter?

Fault: Will show a dead counter display / no digits - batteries may be exhausted.

Solution: Remove the counter from the ball, remove the 6 small screws on the rear board and replace the two batteries.

Detailed Explanation: Please remove the counter from the top of the ball.

This can be done using either your finger nail, a small flat headed screw driver or knife blade (exercise care while using either tool!) - the counter is anchored to the ball at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions by two plastic tabs (these are molded to the body of the counter) - please insert the tool/nail under the counter body at either of these points and lift upward with a quick, firm action - the counter should pop off.

Image 1
Fig A: The Powerball counter unit

The counter on your Powerball is designed to power down automatically if rotor rotation hasn’t been detected for a period exceeding 40 seconds. This feature gives the batteries an expected lifespan of 3-4 years of normal [powerball] use.

In the event that one or both batteries are exhausted however, changing them is actually quite an easy task;

1. On the back of the counter (the circuit board side) you’ll notice 6 small screws (as illustrated in Fig.B)

Image 2
Fig B: rear of Powerball counter unit

2. You will need to obtain a tiny star (philips) screwdriver and remove these ( Fig.C)

Image 3
Fig C: Removing screws from counter unit
Image 4
Fig D: Counter screws removed

3. The circuit board will now come away from the counter body (Fig.E)

Image 5
Fig E: Counter unit now disassembled

4. You’ll see the two small batteries (GP377 if your counter is grey in colour / GP392 if the counter is white)

5. If you have a voltage meter, conduct a test - the voltage should read between 1.4 and 1.59 on each cell - any lower and there is a risk that the display will begin to fade. These batteries are easily found in any jeweler or office equipment store if required.

Replace and reinstall the screws.